Design on board: Balearia Project

The projects carried out are what best represent a company that works with the professional segment. Throughout Fiaka‘s existence, we have been able to participate in many projects. We gave life to great ideas and many innovative plans. Designs of hotels, restaurants, Chill Out terraces and many more, each of them faced with the special illusion and a great effort to try to make it unique.

But we have a secret… We love nautical projects!

We have already told you about our experience with the luxury vessel
Vip Boat Excellence
where we made exclusive furniture making their facilities a decorative jewel. Now we want to let you know another of our great projects: Balearia.

It is one of the best known companies in its sector, the shipping company that connects on a daily basis both the Balearic Islands with the Peninsula. But that’s not all, it is also the only one that links the four islands of the archipelago and connects Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands with the Peninsula.

Exclusive Design Nautical Furniture

Our client, Las Aventuras del Señor Maco, commissioned us with an exceptional design project where we would be responsible for the furniture.

The ship’s furnishings were prepared by Fiaka to accommodate its travelers by creating a fresh and functional environment.

Our main function was to highlight the corporate brand in the different pieces. This was achieved through embroidered textile customizations and the choice of corporate colors.

Let’s meet some of our pieces of
Corporate Nautical Furniture
designed and manufactured by Fiaka for Balearia.


Balearia cruise deck facilities
Corporate Nautical Furniture

Custom High Stools

Customized high stools for high stools for the hospitality industry were chosen Balearia’s logo and its sponsoring brand Coca-Cola .

The stools were chosen with several special features in mind. Both the structure and the upholstery of the seat are made of special materials that withstand both weathering (sun exposure, humidity, saltpeter, etc.) and use (friction, abrasion, stress, etc.).

Personalized stool
Customized High Stools by Fiaka

Remember that these stools are intended for intensive use and must be highly resistant, so their materials must be of sufficient quality to allow them to be enjoyed for many years.

Of course, we took into account the ergonomics of the seat, you can offer a good fit and comfort to the customer. This was achieved by using a special cushioning material in the seat part, known as high-density foam rubber.

This is the same material that was used in the padding of the cushions that make up the seat of the sofas.

The tables were accompanied and provided stability thanks to their iron structure.

Balearia deck furniture detail
Personalized Furniture Pieces by Fiaka

Foam Nautical Mats

Regarding the seats with backrests, intended for the“lounge area“, the ship had a prepared structure in the form of benches. These are accompanied by
cushions for boats made to measure
in nautical leatherette in turquoise color typical of Balearia.

Balearia Lounge Area
Balearia Lounge Area

Personalized Embroidery Cushions

These same benches were accessorized with custom embroidered cushions personalized embroidered cushions with their own brand as well as with the sponsor’s brand.

Embroidery is a high quality, classic and elegant personalization process that gives that special touch to the decoration of the lounge area.

Tailor-made solutions by Fiaka

How to prevent them from getting lost on a vessel when exposed to the open air?

We are well aware that on a windy day at sea it is difficult to keep order on board.

Cushions get lost, napkins get blown away and chaos ensues. One of the tricks we have at the manufacturer level is to offer our customer an optimal solution. In the case of Balearia we reinforce the cushions with ropes fixed to the base of the benches.

An easy solution to keep the design intact.

Lounge Area with Personalized Textile
Lounge Area with Personalized Textile

We have already made a small tour of one of the ships where they bet on personalized services and facilities that increase comfort. We are proud to be part of this project. We hope travelers can enjoy it as much as we did!