Decorative styles to fall in love with

Today’s post, is a small compilation of the decorative styles that are trending this 2019.

Actually, all the styles we mentioned are obtained by mixing different elements of various decoration styles. However, it is necessary to describe the fundamental aspects of each one or which elements are the most characteristic of that style in order to “define” them.

Of course, apart from the styles we have included in the post, there are many more. We wanted to focus on the main ones that are trending this year. We hope that this compilation will help you to have a clearer idea of what elements to incorporate to create the ambiance you want.

With our tips, and just by adding some decorative elements, you will achieve the style you are looking for. Let’s get started!

Nordic style

Probably the most recognized today and certainly one of the most popular.

  • It is a decorative style that comes from Nordic countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. This trend that seems so current today originated in the 20th century as an alternative to bad weather.
  • The purpose of the Nordic style is to create a space full of light and luminosity. Mainly light colors and natural materials such as wood are used. The color of the walls in most cases is white combined with decorative elements of the same shades.
  • As for the furniture, it is usually placed furniture of simple shapes and upholstered in natural materials. Cotton or linen fabrics give this touch of a cozy room that helps you relax and enjoy your home. The sofa and armchairs are usually adorned with decorative elements such as cushions in pink, yellow or blue in soft shades or prints that represent nature. Do you like black better? No problem! This color also finds its place in the Nordic style. Just make sure they are interesting prints, such as geometric ones, for example, to avoid color monotony.


Nantes Group
Nantes Group

Retro or vintage style

Along with the rise of modern styles, vintage decoration has gained prominence. However, we are not referring to the ornate elements of rococo, but to a more minimalist retro.

  • A style that aims to compile the best of the era between the 30s and 80s. Classic elements are combined with those of the French style, creating a casual and romantic atmosphere.
  • Elegant tapestries, wallpaper and carpets with indispensable pieces of this style of decoration. Today’s vintage style comprises light colors and subdued tones. There is one feature that will help you differentiate vintage furniture from the rest, can you guess what it is? The capitonné. Whether it is a sofa, an armchair or a chaise lounge… the capitonné is an indispensable decoration of vintage furniture. It is a specific technique whose name translated from French means “quilting” or “upholstering” that consists of fastening the padding of the furniture with buttons to form relief patterns. This type of upholstery is very complex and is made by hand, but nothing gives the furniture a more sophisticated air. The most classic example is the Chester Sofa, but you can see more interesting cases made with this technique in Capitoné: Craftsmanship and design.
  • Are you out of your price range? Don’t worry! Among the most economical tricks we can give you for this case is to incorporate smaller vintage elements, such as poufs. It does not need to be entirely made in capitonné, as having nothing more than the buttoned seat will give it the right touch.
Vintage armchair
Vintage armchair


Industrial style

Whether in an exterior or interior design, at any time of the year you can make use of industrial style without fear of anything. Some people think that this is a rather cold and unwelcoming decoration, but it is not true. Let’s get down to details.

  • The history and origin of this decorative style is quite interesting. It emerged in the 1950s by the hand of young New York artists who chose to live in urban and industrial environments such as some factories. Today it is not necessary to be surrounded by bricks and concrete to provide your home with the decorative elements of that era, just add some furniture and accessories that have the characteristics of the same.
  • What does it consist of? The room must have ample space. In terms of decoration, dark colors such as brown, black, beige, gray, etc. are usually used. Textures such as brick wall simulation or vertical garden decoration are also used. The furniture such as the sofa and armchairs follow straight lines and plain colored upholstery. However, the furniture is an opportunity to complement the industrial style with retro or vintage elements. Do you know the famous Chester sofa? It is one of the options to incorporate into the furniture of a vintage room.
Chester sofa industrial style
Chester sofa with aged fabric

Do you have an American bar? It is perfect for using stools iron structure stools as decorative elements. Metal can give the feeling of a very cold environment, choose upholstered seats in a color that matches the rest of the furniture or, as an option, you can also choose wooden seats. In short, the metal, brick textures and colors of a dark range combined with wood details and some plants will make you get an industrial living room not only eye-catching and stylish but also comfortable making anyone enjoy.

Decorative styles to fall in love with
Chicago High Stool
Decorative styles to fall in love with
Chicago high stool