Decoration of terraces, in detail

In decoration, as in life itself, details make the difference. It seems a cliché worthy of Pedro Grullo, that character -fictitious or not- who gave rise to the well-known ‘truisms’. But, perhaps because it is obvious, more than once the necessary attention to detail is forgotten or, rather, overlooked, especially in exteriors.

The decoration of a terrace or garden is not only a matter of choosing the
choosing furniture according to the style
. It also requires attention to the little things, those that ultimately make the space ‘ours’, giving it the personality that makes it unique.

terrace decoration
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By details we do not mean excessive ornamentation. It is possible to opt for a simple and minimalist aesthetic, without neglecting this area. Just as in the interior of the home, where colors, textiles, lighting, etc. are chosen to convey certain sensations, exteriors should also be designed to evoke. However, this is not always the case. Often, we find ourselves in front of exteriors that do not tell or say anything, becoming an empty and cold space. Surprisingly, this lack of character is not only found on private terraces. It is also observed, although much less frequently, in those of certain businesses whose identity practically disappears in outdoor spaces.

To avoid falling into this mistake, we recommend approaching the decoration of exteriors as if it were the interior of the home, paying special attention to those aspects that make them comfortable spaces, but also with their own style, inviting you to stay. We summarize six aspects that you should focus on in order to achieve this:

1. Comfort

The goal is to combine beauty with the necessary functionality and comfort of the terrace. The first step to achieve this is to choose furniture that pleases at first glance, but that is also appealing to the touch and in accordance with the use of the exterior in question. There are pieces specially conceived with this idea in mind, such as
puff armchairs
hammocks, hanging hammocks, relaxing designer loungers,
Balinese beds
beautiful ergonomic chairs… it’s a matter of choosing models as charming as they are comfortable and practical.

terrace decoration
Balinese bed Fiaka Ambient

The alternatives are wide-ranging and include the possibility of recycling to create signature DIY furniture. If you are fans of the handmade universe, you can always design sofas made of pallets, construction site seating
with made-to-measure cushions
tables with tires… your imagination will be the limit.

2. Color

Before choosing the color, it is necessary to take into account the sensations it conveys, especially if we are going to combine two or more shades. Depending on the chromatic scale we choose, we can play with balance, contrasts, etc. between furniture and accessories, for example. The white base is always a success, in this sense, since it not only transmits peace, but also allows practically all kinds of combinations with the complements. There are those who opt, however, for gray, blue, green or earth tones to begin to ‘draw the canvas’. It will depend largely on the decorative style you choose, your tastes and what you wish to evoke.

terrace decoration
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3. Lighting

When night falls, the ambiance of a terrace depends largely on its lighting. A soft light that creates an intimate atmosphere always works. For this you can use candles, lanterns or lamps that allow to diffuse and graduate the intensity. With spotlights – based on LEDs, for example – you can also highlight the beauty of certain details, such as hanging flower pots.

terrace decoration
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4. Textiles

Cushions, cushions, net curtains and carpets embellish terraces, but also increase their comfort. Hence, textiles are often used to ‘dress’ the exteriors in detail.

terrace decoration
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5. Plants

Plants not only enhance the beauty of a space. They fill it with life, colors and aromas, making it a cheerful and vital place where, without a doubt, you want to be.

terrace decoration
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6. Ornaments

There is an infinite number of complements for the terrace or garden. With some creativity and everyday elements you can create, in addition,
as many others to recycle their ‘look’.
. From the characteristic flower pots and planters -whether original in their design or with a more classic aesthetic- to graphic elements, a decorative trend that is gaining momentum.

terrace decoration
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Outdoor elements -and not so much- can also serve as ornaments to make the terrace a unique space: stairs used as singular shelves, pergolas, lattices, wooden floors, awnings or umbrellas… it is a matter of choosing with attention to detail.