Decoration for stands

Among the work we have done at Fiaka, one of the most creative and inspiring is the furnishing and decoration for stands, those small corporate nomadic ‘homes’ that companies make travel to trade fairs. They combine a desire for trust, the appearance of a comfortable décor, optimization of resources and design. The decoration and furniture for stands give a good decorator or interior designer a great deal of possibilities.

On more than one occasion we have worked with the company Art Play, a firm with 10 years of experience as an event manager that can create an unforgettable stand or organize an event with a photocall or a display. We have recently collaborated with them for the Disproquima and Amgen booths:

Art Play Disproquima Stands
Disproquima stand, by Art Play with Fiaka furniture
Amgen booth by Art Play and Fiaka
Amgen booth by Art Play and Fiaka
Amgen booths by Art Play
Fiaka furniture at Art Play booth for Amgen

“We are currently working with systems that combine design and reuse at the same time. Perhaps the product with which we achieve both objectives is aluminum profiles and textiles,” says one of Art Play’s experts, Marc Salvatella, for whom the three keys to stand design and decoration are: “Design, originality and budget.

In the same sense, when designing the decoration for stands with all its elements and furniture, it is necessary to seriously consider whether it will be a single-use set or whether the company that hires it will be able to use it on future dates for which it is scheduled to attend more fairs. “The Spanish market continues to bet excessively on ephemeral structures or supports that are then hardly used. The trend abroad (countries such as the United States and Germany) is to opt for reusable systems or materials, guaranteeing the profitability of the investment. Our company specializes in these types of display systems,” adds Marc. On these matters, it is advisable to take a look at ArtPlay’s blog.

Thus, when we have been able to contribute our professionalism in choosing and designing furniture for this type of structure, we have adapted to the needs of this type of project. “The furniture for stands must be an element in line with the aesthetic and graphic line of the stand. We certainly value the useful life and reusability of the same,” they advise from this company.

It is enough to give the matter a couple of turns… When a company attends an important trade show in its sector, it wants its booth to be more than just a table and a roll up. More than anything else because of the thousands of visitors that a fair can have, the stand that remains in the memory, the one that attracts, is the one that presents the most striking decorative elements with identity. And once information is solicited, accommodating that audience in furniture that represents the brand’s image line is critical. The question we pose is: isn’t it worth investing a little more money and being able to use the same booth many times, well designed so that it also contributes to solidify the company’s image?

By the way. For a future occasion we will dedicate a space of our own to Dr. Brown’s practice, within the Artplay website. Apparently this character is in charge of diagnosing and curing fairground ‘browns’ (good idea).

Dr. Brown consultation for booth decoration