Decorating with soft furnishings

Few gestures are as pleasurable as lying down on soft furniture, soft and comfortable pieces that adapt to the body and generally allow different positions as desired. Among the soft furnishings par excellence we can find the
pouffes and armchairs
. Because of their comfort, poufs have become icons of chill out decoration, a style that seeks to create a sense of relaxation, peace and balance. However, they are used in many other aesthetics, since their multiple models adapt to practically any interior or exterior.

decoration with pouf
Square soft pouf. Via Mono Deco
decoration with pouf
Giant Marine Puff by Fiaka Ambient
decoration with puff
Puff in the shape of a candle. Via Artistikool

Apart from pouffes, there are other very ergonomic soft pieces, such as sofas, armchairs, loungers or large cushions, among others, that invite you to rest just by looking at them. Hence, they become part of the decoration of comfort-oriented places. We talk about five spaces where soft furniture triumphs:

1. A chill out terrace

Because of their comfort, soft furnishings are a winner in the decoration of chill out terraces, whether they belong to locals, hotels or private homes. Models such as the
Santorini pouf
specially designed for outdoor areas, or the Bahia or Cala sun loungers, ideal for spaces with swimming pools, underline the personality of the outdoors. In pubs by the beach or with garden areas, giant puff puffs also make a difference.

At Fiaka Ambient we design customized and personalized models, which also allows us to highlight the character of the premises and your brand image, including, for example, your logo or corporate colors.

chill out terrace
Via Amadores beach club
chill out terrace decoration
Santorini Puff by Fiaka
seat puff terrace decoration
Paros Puff Armchair by Fiaka Ambient
terrace decoration with puff
Pera L Pouffe armchair by Fiaka Ambient
decoration with puff
Fiaka Ambient Bay Lounger

2. The living room

Soft puff sofas are increasingly used in the decoration of the living room, the meeting room par excellence in the home. Cylindrical and square poufs often accompany the side table. Next to it, a cushion can be placed ‘casually’ to increase the feeling of comfort, especially if there is carpeting. It is also common to combine the sofa, or even replace it, with different models of puff seats – whether they are large like the Fiaka XL or the Paros or giants like the XXL or the Marina.

decoration with puff
Via Vtwonwn
decoration with puff
Puff soft. Via Bhg
decoration with puff
Puff sof square. Via Coastalliving

3. A home theater room

Large poufs or those with original designs such as pear-shaped or candle-shaped poufs can become unique and comfortable armchairs for a home theater. For the same purpose, it is possible to use custom-made mats with cushions or comfortable models such as the sand puff.

home theater room with puff seats
Cinema room with giant puff. Via Home Designing
home theater room with puff seats
Cinema room with puff seats. Via Pbteen

4. A reading corner

There are numerous models of puff seats to design a nice reading corner. Some allow for different positions, making it possible to enjoy books while sitting or lying down. This is the case of the
Mini Paros
ideal for children’s decoration. On other occasions, a designer armchair, sofa or chair is chosen as the main piece for this space. It is often accompanied by a soft round or square pouffe to rest your legs while you ‘travel’ between the pages of the books.

reading corner with bkf and pouff
Via Rugpal

5. A children’s space

Few pieces of furniture give as much play (in the broad sense of the word) in children’s decorating as the
poufs for children
. Its colors, shapes and originality are very stimulating for the little ones, who are also protected from possible shocks with its padding.

decoration with puff
Play area with puff. Via Disney Baby
pouf decoration
Via Inmod
decoration with puff
Via Cityscape Bliss