Decorating the Internet with Amelia Cazorla

We ‘moved’ to Zaragoza to open a new chapter of ‘Decorando internet’, our section of personal interviews to learn more about the interior designers, decobloggers, architects, etc.. that daily inspire us on the network with their ideas about decoration and design.

On this occasion we shared an interesting virtual meeting with Amelia Cazorla (@LaMusaOnline on Twitter), author of the blog La Musa Decoración . Always restless and creative, this interior designer and art historian is in love with spaces that “transmit emotions” because they have “soul and personality”. His open passion for art in all its expressions is transferred to architecture, antiquarianism and interior design in different fields: from home and commercial decoration to window dressing and Visual Merchandising. In all his projects he seeks to inspire. And if the muses don’t come to visit her – she warns – she goes out to meet them halfway. With her interview we say goodbye to #decobloggers until September.

Interview Amelia Cazorla
Inspiration Day

-In addition to being an interior designer, you have a degree in art history. To what extent does this facet complement your profession as an interior designer?
-I have always been a curious and observant person. I began studying art history out of vocation and above all it has helped me to develop my artistic and creative sensibility. Everything is educated, including the eye and taste. Undoubtedly, it is a race that leaves a deep impression on you.

Howwas La Musa Decoración born? What motivated you to create the blog?
-La Musa was born as an entrepreneurial project of a DecoLover who, after years of training and experience, decided to take the plunge. At the beginning it was an e-commerce project but, to my surprise, the blog has evolved so much by itself that it has upset all my plans… C’est la vie‼.

interview Amelia Cazorla
Blue and white decoration

Apartfrom home decoration you are specialized in commercial decoration and window dressing, what trends are you following this year in both areas?
-In spite of the current crisis and because of it, I have been observing that there are many entrepreneurs and small businessmen who have finally become aware of how important image is in their businesses. From window dressing to graphic design. Every day I discover new shops where the trendy design surrounds you: vintage environments, hipster influences, eclectic details and fresh airs… I love it!

InLa Musa Decoración we find information about different decorative styles. But which one inspires you the most?
-This is the most complicated question to answer. There are many styles that define me but above all I feel inspired by spaces that convey emotions, that have soul and personality. I’m a big fan of chic & glamour elegance, with vintage and dirty touches. I also like spaces with flirty and fun touches, without forgetting the eccentric kitsch or transgressive touch. I have an urbanite side and a cottage side. And to rest, relaxed ambiences with Scandinavian and Mediterranean essences. Oops! What a mess…

Interview Amelia Cazorla
Inspiration Day

Asyou know, we have a predilection for chill out decor. What characteristics would you highlight of this style?
-Now in summer, relaxed environments with white tones, natural textures and ethnic details are in style… water, sun and a light breeze AND a Balinese bed from Fiaka! Perfect!

-What should be taken into account before undertaking a decoration project?
-Above all, the customer’s needs.

Interview Amelia Cazorla

Whatis the most curious anecdote you remember related to your work as an interior designer?
-Oh! The family (with capital letters)… We could sum it up with two popular sayings: “In a blacksmith’s house a wooden knife” and “where there is trust…”.

Whatnew challenges do you set for yourself?
-Restless people always have some plan B, C, D… in mind. Some are unattainable and others are more feasible. Mainly continue to grow as a blogger, although I can tell you that soon we will open our little online store with very special things. Yoo-hoo!