Decorate with White. Illuminate your home.

Decorating your home using white as a base color can be a great success but you must take into account a series of recommendations and tips to know how to apply it correctly.


White inspires purity and tranquility, and is easy to combine with other colors in smaller proportions. It is the option chosen by many designers and architects for their projects. The white color gives a feeling of spaciousness and brightness to the spaces, so it is perfect for small spaces. It is commonly applied in kitchens for the hygiene and cleanliness it suggests.

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The choice of white furniture can be a great bet if you know how to offset it with a touch of color. For the most classic white spaces we can count on pieces such as the Chester sofa, the
Chester sofa
or the Victoria chaise longue, both from

Chester Sofa -
Chester Sofa –

On the other hand, the excessive use of white can lead us to feel the space cold and empty. If for example we have white walls, a wooden floor can counteract this negative effect. We are also talking about a color that never goes out of fashion, and will always be the key of decorative styles such as the
chill out
or minimalism.

via Delikatessen
via Delikatessen

Nantes sofa
sofa, the
y Rainbow are perfect for those spaces with a chill out or minimalist style. They are great options for creating an indoor and outdoor lounge area.

Decoration Chillout I La Câbane
Decoration Chillout I La Câbane
nantes (2)
Nantes Sofa –
Chillout decoration.
Chillout decoration.

The Scandinavian style is also based on white colors, combined with soft pastel tones and materials such as wood. The key element in the design of your living room or your terrace can be the
BKF chair
chair or the
Vintage sofa
sofa by Fiaka.

BKF Chair -
BKF Chair –
vintage sofa-white
Vintage Sofa –
Mini copy
Armchair Miní –