Customize your furniture with embroidery

There are several elements that make a company unmistakable. The logo, corporate colors, typography… all these elements are fundamental to define the corporate image and help everyone to recognize our business.

A clear example is franchises, which always use the same tones, the same furniture, the same advertising system… to make their chain unmistakable. For example, La boutique del tacón, a young franchise with more than twenty stores throughout Spain and Andorra, has used the color fuchsia pink and a very representative logo to get noticed in the shoe store market. Its premises are very cheerful and above all, with a lot of heels.

La Boutique del Tacon

In this case they have opted for our most classic and elegant type of customization to personalize their furniture: embroidery. With the charm of traditional embroidery, but with the speed and precision of new technologies. Images of up to twelve colors can be embroidered and the finish offers greater value than other customizations.

furniture la boutique del tacon


The embroidery process is very interesting. First you work with the logo or image you want to use on the computer. This image must be transformed into instructions for the embroidery machine. This requires a special program and specific knowledge. This step of “translating” the image into embroidery is called ” piecing” and only has to be done once before starting the embroidery process.

The already worked design is introduced in industrial embroidery machines, where several parameters will be adjusted, such as thread color, speed, framing…so that the result is perfect. Once the first control test is done, we start embroidering all the pieces we need.

fiaka industrial embroidery machine

When the fabrics are embroidered with the brand we want, the manufacturing process is the usual, we will go to sewing for tailoring and then to upholstery if what we want to customize is a sofa.
, stool o
rigid puff

The result speaks for itself. Here are some of our works in advertising and commercial furniture:

customized yogen fruz chain stools

personalized pear puff with catty sark branding

personalized puff shaped cheese fanta

But this technique is not only used in the commercial sector, it is also a fantastic idea to use in your own home. Many pouffes are usually customized poufs with names (a very original gift idea for birthdays or communions), but the most daring choose to decorate their entire terrace! Are you up for it?

customization of pool furniture