Corporate branding and furniture for brands

In this section we will discuss corporate branding and branded furniture. Let’s imagine that you are going to open your business and you want to promote it to your potential customers or get a sponsor. For this, whether you are a restaurant, bar or chill out club, you must know different ways to get the most out of it through your facilities.

Corporate branding and branded furniture

Material sponsorship

It is one of the parts of marketing that will help you promote your new business. There is financial, material or business sponsorship. In our case, corporate branding and branded furniture is part of the tangible option of this tool. The preparation for the opening of your business includes an event with all kinds of details and material: tent, furniture, stages, cutlery,…etc. This is where you can highlight the logo in an intrinsic and effective way.

Brand visibility

Among the objectives that are achieved with the design furniture that is part of the branding of the business we find:

  • First, visibility. Let’s imagine that you are in an area of agglomeration of retail or hospitality businesses. If you customize your furniture, the customer will easily distinguish which restaurant or cafeteria is on the terrace. What’s more, it will feel like an important part of the environment.
  • Notoriety or knowing you exist. Showcasing your brand fearlessly along with providing the customer with a good experience will help create a positive recall.
  • A good memory leads to a recommendation. And a referral will lead to more customers. As simple as that.

Types of customization for corporate branding and branded furniture

To customize furniture with your brand or your sponsor’s brand you should know the different methods that exist. Depending on the type of material, type of furniture and place of exhibition, we recommend one technique or another. Pay attention:


This technique consists of embroidering your brand’s logo or slogan on nautical leatherette, interior or other suitable fabric. The yarn used for this purpose is a special yarn and at
we have it in different colors and shades. We recommend this customization technique for interior decoration, as high exposure to harsh weather conditions could reduce its visibility and aesthetics. As for its limitations, it should be noted that embroidery is suitable to represent brands whose logo is easy and presents simple words such as Coca-Cola or Freixenet. However, it is not possible to use it with more complex logos where a high amount of thread is used (as it is not visually attractive and can take a long time and even spoil the fabric). With the latter type of customization, the following technique must be used.

Corporate branding and branded furniture

Digital printing for corporate branding and branded furnishings

It is recommended for brands that have logos with more complicated designs. It is also used when there are a large number of objects to customize. The advantage of digital printing is the way of taking advantage of the fabric and the possibility of printing several logos at the same time. For example, this technique was once used for a project to customize 370 cushions for a beach club. The cushions contained four different logos and were printed all at once. This way of customizing furniture is perfect for creating custom designs of entire pieces, like these poufs that were part of a spectacular ethnic decoration.

Corporate branding and furniture for brands

Silk-screen printing

It is a technique indicated for advertising purposes that consists of spot color printing by which the image is fully adhered to the surface. Among its advantages we highlight its durability against friction and abrasion. It is possible to customize small furniture such as poufs or cushions, as well as larger furniture such as sofas or armchairs.

Corporate branding and furniture for brands


If your business has an industrial style or it turns out that what you have most are metal and wood chairs and tables, don’t despair! This type of furniture can also be customized with your brand. The appropriate technique is engraving. This is the laser cutting of materials such as wood and metal. In this way your hospitality furniture will present an image not only professional, but also of exquisite design and quality.

Present your business in a big way. With these techniques and our tips we are sure you will make a good first impression. And don’t forget that there will be no second chance!