Contract Furniture. Why is its use necessary in the hospitality industry?

Have you ever heard of the term“Contract furniture“? You may have heard of it on more than one occasion and are still wondering what it is really all about. It is a term widely used to refer to a type of furniture with specific characteristics used in the hospitality industry. Below, we explain in more detail what characteristics this type of furniture should have and why it is used in a professional catering business.

What is Contract furniture?

Contract Furniture. Why is its use necessary in the hospitality industry?

Contract furniture is a type of furniture intended primarily for professional use. These are types of furniture that are manufactured with a series of special characteristics to be used in public environments such as
furniture for hotels
, bars and even events. Environments that, due to their characteristics, are subject to intense traffic day after day.

Contract furniture features

Contract Furniture. Why is its use necessary in the hospitality industry?

Contract furniture manufacturers are characterized by offering fully customized solutions based on their knowledge of the hospitality industry. Each sector needs furniture with special characteristics and to be used in different ways.

The design of
furniture for professionals
prioritizes above all the resistance, durability and ergonomics of its final products. The furniture designed for domestic use is not designed to withstand constant use in sectors with high traffic of people such as the hospitality industry, hence this type of furniture stands out mainly for its more resistant and durable materials than the common furniture used in homes.

The main characteristics that all furniture intended for professional use must meet are:

  • Use of materials resistant to collective, public and intensive use.
  • Use of resistant materials and construction techniques.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Compliance with the different local, national and international regulations in force.

Why is it necessary to use Contract furniture?


If you are just starting a business or are an architect or interior designer, you will need to explain to your clients the importance of using hospitality furniture that will stand the test of time and maintain a fresh look for as long as possible.

Contract furniture is the most profitable type of furniture for businesses. You will not need to renew them from time to time when the ones you already have lose their shape, wear out or break. The renovation of furniture can cause a business to stand still for a certain period of time and a business that does not open its doors is a business that loses money. For this reason, Contract furniture is designed and manufactured with strength in mind.

When the
furniture factories
design and manufacture, the different parts are not only glued, but also screwed together. This combination makes them much more robust, stable and able to withstand heavy daily use.

But that’s not the end of it.

This increased manufacturing effort applies not only to the furniture structures, but also to its upholstery and finishes. Fabrics used for Contract furniture manufacturing must meet all flammability standards and must have been subjected to a fabric abrasion test (Martindale) for durability. This test certifies that the fabric can withstand a minimum of 40,000 rubs before it shows signs of wear to be certified as “Contract” standard.