Communions: What can we give as a gift?

The Communion season is here, always so emotional. Preparations, ceremonies, photos (lots of photos), gifts and celebrations. An endearing moment for young and old alike.

Every year we notice a lot of interest in
poufs as a communion gift
. Certainly, it is a very original idea, which you can also personalize with the name of the boy or girl to make it a personalized gift.

personalized gift

and very special.

Photo via Ngiyra

Among all the types of poufs, we recommend the
pear puff
. It is a multipurpose puff that will serve for playtime and study time. Sitting down to play games, read, watch TV or play with the console…a place you will enjoy every day.

Photo via Ngiyra

And for the more sporty kids you can also choose the

puff ball

. They can choose the colors of their favorite team and put their name on it… they’ll love it!

Fogography via Ngiyra

And to make it easier for you, take advantage of our communion offer, a pear puff, plus an embroidered name and gift wrapping. Everything is ready for a day of celebration.

communion promo
Photo via fiaka