Coastal Style: Bringing the sea into your home

The Coastal decorative style emerged in the United States. The starting idea is the integration of marine elements in the decoration, with a view mainly to the typical beach houses, but little by little this style has been entering until it has been integrated into the homes of the center of cities as emblematic as New York.
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Among the most typical premises we find the integration of the white color in as many elements as possible, walls, textiles, furniture such as
…. The aim is to increase the brightness of the space and multiply the light coming from the large windows, also very typical of this decorative style.

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Another element that cannot be missing in this type of decoration is wood in its natural state, either in floors or decorative elements. Untreated or bleached wood is preferable, with patinas or 100% natural.

It is very common to see pieces of restored and reused wood in the Coastal decoration, giving an additional touch of warmth to the whole room.

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In our terrace or garden, we can incorporate outdoor sofas in white, or if space allows, even a Balinese bed where we can relax and rest as we would do on our favorite beach.

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Other recycled materials can perfectly coexist in this decorative style, such as glass and brass. Stones, shells, jars, containers or even sand from the sea, so no matter where we are we will have present that peculiar saline aroma.
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Wicker and braided fibers are also ideal complements in this style.

In the textile pieces, cotton and linen prevail. We can combine the white of our sofa with blue, green or striped accessories…..

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We hope you liked this maritime style, we certainly love it!