Christmas uses for poufs

Whether for our chill out decoration works, or for the decoration of stands, premises or closed spaces, the pouf is a fundamental element. And although the pouf is usually identified with summer vacations and beach retreats, we can also make a few recommendations to have Christmas poufs.

Children’s table. It is common, especially in large family gatherings, to include in the decoration of the living room a table for the grown-ups and another for the children. The little ones in the house can feel like kings if we use poufs like those of the new Quatro Table for their Christmas dinner:

Quattro children's chill out table

2. Turn your poufs into Santa sacks. It’s a matter of testing… If you already have pear poufs like these, mainly in red, you can use a thick white string to make them look like Santa Claus gift bags. Better without pompoms, by the way…

christmas poufs pear poufs

3. Christmas window displays. In these cases, we recommend using white, immaculate poufs in the Christmas window displays, which are identified with the season and with the winter cold. Several together are reminiscent of snow and mountains.

large white pear poufs by Fiaka

4. In relaxing environments at home. For Christmas interior decoration, small white poufs (the previous ones are too big) are always comfortable and modern. For example these rigid round poufs of 46×35.

round chair poufs

5. Covers for poufs. A crochet or knitted cover like this one we have seen at could be ideal. Really homey.

poufs with crochet cover Fiaka

Can you think of more ideas?