Christmas decorations for small spaces

Is your facility small? Can’t you ever find room at home? Don’t let space be an issue this Christmas with these Christmas decorating tips for small spaces.

Decorate the entrance

Welcome your guests so that even before they enter, they feel the Christmas spirit. A simple way to do this is to place an advent wreath at the entrance.

It is very common to find half of the wreath with more colorful and ornate motifs, using pine cones, berries, leaves, ribbons… and the other half with a more sober motif, for example with branches.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Wall Christmas tree

This can be a good solution when we have a space problem. Lately we can find the most innovative designs, although it is true that wood, ropes and vegetable details mixed with Christmas ornaments and lights usually predominate.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Use slim Christmas trees

If you don’t have much space, slim Christmas trees are just what you need. It has a pencil-type design, more stylized, with a smaller base, although they are still eye-catching thanks to their height.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Mini Christmas tree

Your tree doesn’t need to be huge to create a very Christmassy space. We can use a more mini version with which we get the same effect, for this we only have to place it in a “privileged” location where it looks good, but away from the passage areas.

Christmas decorations for small spaces


We can make centerpieces
with golden candle holders, calendabra, lanterns and some elements such as pine cones or pine twigs. Place it in a visible area of the table, it will give an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Even decorating the candle container achieves a similar effect, thus saving valuable space on the table.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Dress the windows

If we don’t want to lose an inch of space, but we don’t want to do without a Christmas atmosphere either, decorating windows and shelves is a good idea.

You can use garlands, stars, snowflakes or even a Christmas message. This effect will be seen both indoors and outdoors. If we talk about the case of a business, it will also generate the attraction of your customers.

The little ones can help you with their crafts, it’s a perfect activity for the vacations.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Decoration on chairs

If you have a restaurant, you will probably be overloaded with work during these dates, although we must not lose sight of the fact that it is also the perfect time to surprise your customers.

Decorate the
restaurant chairs with Christmas motifs
with Christmas motifs, simply with a ribbon you will get a very nice visual effect.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

Dresses sofas and benches

To dress
or benches, you can do it with some cushions, some fabric stars, some golden accessories …. These small details will make a difference without taking up space.

Christmas decorations for small spaces

What did you think of these Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces? We hope you have a very special Christmas 🙂