Choosing a sofa for your chill out

With the arrival of the rains, we feel like settling into a comfortable and beautiful chill out space where we can enjoy a good book, a movie or the company of others at home. A warm and cozy refuge where you can relax when the weather invites you to stay. It is not in vain that chill out decoration is oriented to make relaxation, balance and a sense of peace an experience through spaces designed for stress-free rest. One of the main doubts when designing interiors of this aesthetic, which usually uses low or flush to the ground furniture, focuses on the choice of the chill out sofa or armchair. To clear up this doubt, we have prepared a practical guide with five simple deco tips that will help you choose the model that best suits your tastes and needs.

chill out decoration
Via El Mueble

1. Size

The size of the future chill out room – be it the living room, the attic, a leisure room, the terrace… – will be decisive when choosing a sofa. If you have a large space, you can opt for a set of several
or two- or three-seater sofas, or even a set of several pieces.
. Spacious rooms even make it possible to opt for unusual indoor models such as the circular Balinese bed or the square Balinese bed without canopy, an original alternative for environments with personality. However, mini-rooms make it necessary to combine beauty and practicality with multifunctional models, such as sofa beds,
modular sofas
that allow different compositions or pieces with built-in storage space.

Balinese bed without canopy
Balinese bed without canopy. Via C@sas de Película
chill out decoration
Custom-made mattress with cushions. Mi Casa de Revista

If it is a small chill out corner in a room, for example next to the window, the fireplace or the stairwell, where a sofa does not fit, the best alternative is an armchair of this aesthetic.
armchair of this aesthetic
a puff seat or a
cushion combined with cushions and pillows.
. The possibilities are many.

chill out decoration
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chill out furniture
Cyprus Armchair
chill out furniture
Menorca Armchair

2. Style

The style of the sofa will depend largely on taste, but also on the aesthetics you want to give to the space. It is not necessarily necessary to opt for a sofa or armchair with chill out lines. The mix of styles is a trend in interior design and chill out decoration shows a great potential in its most eclectic aspect.
its more eclectic side.

eclectic chill out decoration
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Keep in mind that the sofa usually has a leading role in the decoration of a room, especially if it is the living room. Its color, therefore, must be in accordance with the color of the space in question. If you opt for monochromatism, that is, the same chromatic range of the room, the rest of the furniture and accessories, it is necessary to be careful not to make it monotonous, cold or lacking in personality.

Chill out sofa
Rainbow Sofa

In case the color of the sofa complements the color of the space, that is to say, it has an opposite tonality in the chromatic scale of the room, with the intention of playing with contrasts, it is necessary to pay special attention to the dissonant combinations.

A last option would be to choose an analogous tone, or in other words, adjacent or close in the chromatic scale, thus achieving a peaceful effect.

4. Use

The choice of one sofa model or another will depend, to a large extent, on the use for which the chill out space in question is designed. As obvious as it may seem, sometimes we lose perspective and get carried away by taste without taking into account practicality, when both should go hand in hand. Thus, for a private library in which normally no more than two people stop at a time, a
large armchairs
or a
or a two-piece sofa can be
can be ideal. For a living room, on the other hand, the sets will accommodate more people.

chill out furniture
Cabrera sofa and armchair.
chill out sofa
Venice sofa on a chill out terrace.

5. Characteristics of the fabric

The characteristics of the sofa must also be in accordance with its use. If there are children at home an easy to clean fabric is not superfluous. In case the chill out is located outdoors, the sofa must be suitable for outdoor use so that it resists contact with the sun, humidity and friction without breaking, cracking or losing its color.

sofa of pallets
Pallet sofa by Fiaka Ambient