Chill out furniture on a budget

Several establishments and terraces have asked us, through our free decoration consultation, for a way to give a touch of chill out decoration to their space with a fair budget. It is true that some furniture typical of this type of decoration, such as the Balinese bed, may be out of our economic approach, but we must not give up a relaxing atmosphere if we follow tips such as the following.


What we most readily associate with chill out lighting is candles. It is true that they wear out and if they are not taken care of they can be cumbersome. If we are going to decorate an enclosed space it is better to make a discreet use of candles, placing about one for every four square meters, unless we want to do something original. There are very cheap ones, like those small candles that we find in any store, which will be more or less original depending on the candle holder we place. We loved this handmade idea from for an island look.

Chill out decoration candle holders
Candle holder by

More fun are the Flag candlesticks that we found in decoesfera, for example. And as for lamps, beyond the design we choose, we recommend using environmentally friendly bulbs, which in the long run mean savings, and if possible satin, to sweeten the atmosphere a little. If you still do not know what lamp to buy, it may be useful to take a walk through ebay or the nearest recycling furniture store you have and get a vintage lamp that can give a homey touch and unsurpassed confidence, even greater than that of a designer lamp of last generation. Especially recommended if you are looking for intimacy and complicity. Combined with jazz music it can be fantastic.

Vintage lamp for chill out decoration
Vintage or second hand lamp.

The soil

It goes without saying that for a chill out decoration, wood is a fabulous complement. But it can be quite expensive to change the floor of our premises or to install parquet. One way to dress up our floor is with rugs, and the variety at this point is overwhelming. Pay attention to the colors and drawings of the same, that it fits in the decoration. Plant fiber rugs are ideal, they give a fantastic warmth, but they tend to be expensive. In terms of price and durability (and we are talking about carpets that will have more wear and tear than those in a house), we recommend plain boucle carpets. And lately plastic carpets have become fashionable, which we show you below. The concept may seem too simple, even childish, but they are the easiest rugs to clean of all, don’t you think? Great for holding outdoor spaces. If we opt for raffia carpets, they will be cheaper, just as resistant and easy to clean.

Pappelina plastic carpets
Vera rug, by Pappelina.

Chill out furniture

With just a few pieces of chill out furniture we can give a cozy touch to our terrace or place. Several examples can be found on Fiaka’s website. The round soft poufs have very affordable prices and with a dozen we can already make the space more cozy without hardly subtracting height.

Soft round poufs.

Rigid poufs, on the other hand, are only slightly more expensive (from 39,90€), and will last longer, as well as being neater and more stable. As for the tables, if we opt for this type of puff or lower chairs, we can consider tables like the Quatro, which also incorporates four square poufs, or use chests like those of Big Brother 12 +1, which in addition to serving as a table can store material inside. This cylindrical table can also be useful:table-cylindrical-interior

If we want to go up a step and get into the seats and armchairs, we can start with the Menorca or Mallorca seats, which are quite accessible. With these tips, and making a quick calculation, for 300€ we can give a new and chill out air to our business .