Chill out exteriors

Chill out decoration is becoming more and more fashionable outdoors. There are many places that opt for this style for their terraces because of the comfort and charm it offers. Also hotels -mainly those located in coastal areas- usually include chill out corners next to swimming pools, spas or gardens where guests can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, designed for escape and relaxation.

In this post we will talk about some guidelines for the decoration of pleasant outdoor chill out areas where you feel like time stands still to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Before collecting some tips with this idea, we take this opportunity to thank the 02 Wellness Center Neptuno, in Granada, which has given us this wonderful outdoor space in their gym to take pictures.

outdoor chill out
Nantes sofas of the Fiaka Ambient brand

Chill out outdoor furniture
In the chill out decoration, little furniture is used, with straight and soft lines. Following this essence, we recommend low tables, with cubic or cylindrical shapes. Pouffes in the same shapes (rigid or soft) are also one of the leitmotifs of this style, often combined with comfortable armchairs and sofas of minimalist design such as the Nantes. Apart from this series, in the images we can see others of the Fiaka Ambient brand with a Mediterranean air, such as the Cabrera, or with straight lines and elegant simplicity, such as the Menorca series.

outdoor chill out
Armchairs of the Menorca series by Fiaka Ambient

Pouff beds, which allow you to sit comfortably or lie down, are also common in outdoor chill out decoration. Among the many designs available, there is a classic for its functionality and elegance: the Balinese bed, an icon of this style.

Balinese bed Fiaka Ambient
Balinese bed of the brand Fiaka Ambient.

The possibility of using it with or without a wooden structure increases the versatility of the Balinese bed, which can also incorporate textiles to offer shade and a charming aesthetic to the space.

The Balinese bed is joined by another classic of interior design: the BKF or Butterfly chair, which is also very popular in outdoor chill out decoration. Created in 1938 by architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy (hence the acronym of its name), it has become the best known Argentine design product in the world.

bkf chairs Fiaka Ambient
Fiaka Ambient BKF chairs

The possibilities are wide-ranging. Rattan or untreated wood for a rustic touch is often used. Hotels and restaurants usually opt for fabrics suitable for outdoor use, easy to clean, resistant to rubbing against the ground, sun and rain, such as nylon or nautical fabrics.

chill out decoration
Cabrera armchair, designed by Fiaka Ambient

Cushions and pillows on sofas and armchairs – or on rugs on the floor – add a casual touch and increase the comfort of chill-out exteriors. Curtains and draperies, as well as awnings and umbrellas, are also often used to provide shelter from the sun or rain and create cozy atmospheres.