Chill out event decoration

“We lose the small joys in pursuit of great happiness.” A few days ago we ‘stumbled’ upon this existentialist phrase about the need to enjoy the small moments. Life is full of sorrows, but also of everyday pleasures, sometimes instants, in which everything is perfect: a rainbow carrying away the clouds, the tiny hand of a baby that gives you back hope in miracles by clinging to your thumb, the smell of wet earth, a hug, a smile…

If the small moments are great and we must make the most of them, what can we say about the big events in life, those that are marked on the calendar and are eagerly awaited because they are unrepeatable: weddings, births, company anniversaries, that big party? For these unforgettable celebrations we propose a different decoration that not only will not leave you indifferent, but also fits with the philosophy of enjoying the moment, leaving the bad feelings at the door: the chill out style.

Since we founded Fiaka, we have participated in different projects of decoration for
decoration for events
with companies such as the agency Ceibo, from Valencia, One2one Marketing from Málaga or Catering Velázquez, among many others. Thanks to this work, our furniture has witnessed unforgettable moments for many people: from chill out weddings, to openings or exhibitions, to festivals and even sporting events!

Why opt for a chill out event?

You should opt for this style if you are attracted to environments that convey peace and where comfort is felt at a glance. If your idea is to create a beautiful oasis for you and your loved ones and, of course, to surprise them on that big day, you are not wrong: for this great occasion you need a chill out decoration.

Tips for a chill out event

As a general rule, chill out weddings and other events of this style are held outdoors, preferably in paradisiacal locations, such as a beach, the countryside or the garden. It is also usual to celebrate it on terraces, where tents tend to be set up to define the festive scene. When the weather is bad, there is no choice but to go indoors. In these cases, open spaces with large windows that create the sensation of being outdoors come in handy.

chill out wedding
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chill out wedding
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chill out wedding
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chill out wedding
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As for the furniture for chill out events, the Balinese bed usually becomes the protagonist of the decoration, for its exotic air and unique beauty, especially in the case of chill out weddings. At ceremonies – but mainly afterwards, at the banquet – rigid puffs are often used.
rigid poufs
of different sizes, low side tables and even sofas are often used.

Ceibo Fiaka wedding chill out furniture and details
Balinese bed at a chill out wedding by Ceibo & Fiaka
chill out wedding
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chill out wedding
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The color depends on the event in question, although white tends to predominate, as it is the color par excellence of the chill out style.

Lighting is very important for the chill out style, which usually uses candles, adjustable intensity lamps or lamps that diffuse light, LED ambient lights, lanterns … to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, inviting you to comfortably enjoy the party.

Chill out wedding organized by One2one Marketing.
Chill out wedding organized by One2one Marketing with Fiaka furniture.

Details, as in all kinds of events, are essential to put the icing on the cake: cushions, floral decorations, table linen, garlands, etc.

Chill out wedding
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Fiaka Ceibo chill out wedding furniture

Finally, the essential ingredient: enjoy the event to the fullest so that it leaves an indelible mark.