Ceibo + Fiaka = Chill Out Wedding

The high season for weddings is approaching and you have to think about wedding decoration; why not say it, chill out weddings are in fashion, and to furnish and decorate alternative or traditional spaces for a link you have to have quality furniture and interior design professionals. That’s why we interviewed one of the heads of the agency Ceibo, from Valencia, which has in many of its settings (fetish word for them) with furniture of the brand Fiaka, and they leave us a few interesting tips. Are you getting married this year? This is of interest to you.

Tips for Chill Out Weddings

At Ceibo they still rent you furniture that creates a scene down to the last detail. They are experts in creating a cozy, modern and unforgettable atmosphere. In the following images we see the use they have made of 45 cm. chests, 90 cm. chests and 120 cm. chests. This type of furniture combines very well with the Balinese bed, the Freud divan or our square tables.

Fiaka Ceibo chill out wedding furniture

Wedding lounge decoration chill out decoration Fiaka Ceibo

Balinese Bed, Poufs, Chill Out Wedding, Fiaka, Ceibo

We spoke with Laura Ortega, from Ceibo (responsible for these images).

What is the first thing you take into account when setting/furnishing an enclosed space? What about an outdoor one?

In all the settings the most important thing is to capture the idea of the style that the client wants to create and the sensations that he wants to transmit to the attendees, always taking into account the type of event. The closed spaces are usually more intimate and reserved events, so a lot is played with natural/artificial light, transit areas are taken care of, environmental decoration (agreed with the client) and the practicality of all the elements of the ambience. Open spaces require durable and eye-catching furnishings and elements. The lighting in night events gives much play (torches, candles, light cubes, leds), but the most important thing is to size the space and create the atmosphere without feeling empty or scattered at any time, quantifying the amount of furniture needed and configuring the atmosphere to serve the attendees, without exceeding, or neglecting the event. The synergy with the other suppliers is fundamental for the good development of the event, so the assembly is designed to favor the work of all (catering, lights, tents, sound, etc…).

What key recommendation would you give to someone looking to have a wedding in 2012? Any new trends?

Traditional weddings are hardly remembered, you have to dare with a more dynamic wedding!

Ceibo Fiaka wedding chill out furniture and details

For an event that must be relaxing, which is the most suitable or adaptable piece of furniture? (pouf, divan, Balinese bed, low benches, etc…)

Low furniture, with backrest and cushioning. The side tables determine the space by their usefulness, and give a sense of intimacy and therefore relaxation to the whole.

What do you give more importance to when thinking about lighting?

To the type of event, of course! In spaces without light, we work a lot with warm and dim light. Candles are a good support for us. In open spaces, the sun and whites do the rest 🙂 At night is where we use a great variety of surprising tools, because of how functional and eye-catching they are.

Your definition of “chill out”.

A chill out space should transmit: “If you bring worries, leave them out”. Relaxation and comfort should prevail in it. If the space created is capable of achieving this, it can be called that.

How was Ceibo born?

Ceibo was born from the desire to do and work. We had been working for a long time in the decoration of spaces and freelance work in events. As we got to know each other we combined our complementary professional experiences and saw the need for the Local Market in Valencia, so… it was an easy, right and tremendously satisfying decision for all of us!