Capitoné: Craftsmanship and design

From fr. capitonné, part. from capitonner ‘to pad, upholster’.

This is the meaning we find in the dictionary if we look up the word Capitoné. This word derives from the French verb “Capitonner”, which was later modified and introduced into Spanish.



We would like to show you a little more about the


that we do in Duna palecon lounger with each product that leaves our factory. Specifically, this week we want to introduce you to the capitonné technique. More and more Fiaka pieces are being designed using this upholstery method for its comfort and elegant-looking finish.

Vintage furniture for Fiaka premises.

vintage furniture
Bar counter with capitonné Fiaka Ambient.
Fiaka Vintage Sofa
Fiaka Vintage Sofa



At Fiaka we were eager to introduce you to the latest addition to our catalog. It is the Chaise Longue“Victoria“. Undoubtedly, the use of capitonné in some furniture such as this chaise longue makes its elegance and classicism stand out. It will soon be available on our website.


Victoria chaise longue.
Victoria chaise longue.

Chester Sofa

This type of upholstery has made such a classic piece as the Chester sofa the icon it is today. This sofa is already a renewed classic since you can still find it in its most traditional aspect, leather, in new fabrics and textures that give a lot of play and life to this sofa.

Fiaka Chester Sofa

Miní Armchair

With its English style line and thanks to its size, we will have a perfect companion for the Vintage sofa as well as for the iconic Chester when the amplitude of the space does not accompany us or we are looking for a cozy armchair; it will also be the perfect complement for our bedrooms, to which, thanks to our variety of colors you can give the nuance you need to complement the rest of your decor.

Miní Armchair
Miní armchair by