Benefits of hiring a custom furniture manufacturing company

Setting up a hospitality business is no easy task. If you are one of those people determined to open a hospitality business, it is possible that, at this moment, you are thinking about the amount of tasks you still have to do before opening it. From choosing the right location for the premises to preparing the product menu, searching for suppliers, etc. In today’s article we want to show you the benefits of hiring a custom furniture manufacturing company to take care of all the tasks that have to do with the business furniture and leave you time to think about everything else.

Advantages of contracting a custom furniture manufacturing company

Know the importance of space planning

Not all interior designers know that when designing, for example, a restaurant, there are specific rules for the arrangement of furniture. It is difficult to take into account all the details of the building, the windows, the type of service and ergonomics. All these aspects are important when manufacturing and designing furniture. How many of you have been to a restaurant where there wasn’t enough space between the table next to yours or ended up sitting at a table too close to the bathroom or kitchen? Creating a seating plan is crucial to the success of a restaurant, café or hotel. If customers feel uncomfortable once, they probably won’t come back. For this reason, the designer has to combine appearance with functionality.


In this image we can see that the chair is too close to the table, making it difficult for customers to sit comfortably. The correct way would be for it to be placed on the edge of the table, but no closer.

This is an example of how it should be positioned.


Work within your budget

Each client has an idea of what is the budget limit they want to invest in their business. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the manufacture of custom furniture, knowing in depth the possibilities of each client, guiding and suggesting the best options and getting the right solution for the customer’s wishes. A smart way to allocate the budget is to set a limit for each service or product.

Everything you need is in one place

The secret to a successful project is to find a company that can manage the entire process and provide you with a total budget. From concept and design to measurements, planning, project management, materials, colors and, of course, shipping and assembly of the entire project. Relying on a custom furniture manufacturing company to handle the entire process is going to provide you with fewer headaches than if you were to seek out each service separately. Having unique, tailor-made products for your business that attract attention and allow all the work to be done from one place is the key to success.

Offers unique ideas and the best solutions for your interior.


It is very rare to find the perfect location and design to meet your business needs. Therefore, it is up to the designer to propose solutions that fit the desired space, in order to provide the best design configuration.

Get to know the latest trends


The trends in furniture for businesses and companies change year after year and these must be present when designing the project for your business. 2018 was the year of greenery and decorating with plants. The trend had a major impact on both the hospitality and home furnishings markets. This year, we can identify as trendy elements: gold and brass, wallpapers, bold designs and also vintage elements.

The furniture and interior designers in charge of the realization of your project must provide unique ideas and combine your wishes with the latest trends, with the aim of providing your store with personality and create an environment where the customer feels comfortable.

Industry experience


The last, but perhaps the most important point, is to have experience in the manufacture of furniture for hospitality professionals. Years of experience are the strong point that usually makes the difference when choosing a particular company. We know that it is very difficult to find in a catalog just the type of furniture you need. However, in Fiaka we always give our customers the alternative of being able to design just the pieces of hospitality furniture they need (deciding the morphology, what materials to use, colors, finishes, dimensions, etc). With more than 15 years of experience and a long list of projects behind us, we can assure you that our strong point as a factory, is that we make any type of furniture you can imagine. Effective solutions adapted to your needs!