Bar stools without backrest or with backrest: which one to choose?

When it comes to including bars or high tables in our bar, we immediately think of using stools. Stools are the most common choice for the bar of a venue. Not only because they are tall, but also because it is the option that takes up the least amount of space. Some establishments opt for stools with backrests, since the customer is usually more comfortable with his back against the backrest, but they tend to take up more space. The bar counter format has not evolved much over the years, but bar stools have, making it much more difficult to choose one quickly. If you doubt between one and the other, in this article we will try to clear up some doubts. Let’s get started!

What type of bar do you have?


There are several types of bar counters. The most common are divided into two groups, low bars and high bars. The most common option is the high counter type bars, such as those found in many hotel establishments.

In this type of bar we can consume drinks or food just as we do at a table, but let’s be clear, it is not as comfortable. To meet this need, there is a type of stools with backrests that are quite useful to alleviate this problem.

On the other hand, low bars are also frequently used in other types of businesses. In these, the use of
low stools
is almost obligatory, although there is the option of using chairs chairs, since, due to their height, they can perfectly fulfill the same function.

Careful with decoration


Among so many possible combinations, it is understandable that we can make some mistakes trying to mix styles or combinations that do not end up adapting well to the type of decoration of the premises. Not only is it important to choose a good stool, but it is also important that it fits in with our style of decoration.

It is known that stools with backs do not go particularly well with rustic bars. These stools are specially designed for bars or restaurants with a modern and subtle decoration, or for small premises where, by necessity, high bars and stools are usually installed to offer the customer the comfort provided by the backrest.

Likewise, when our premises are designed with more subtle decorative elements, it is not normal to use backless stools.
backless stools
backless stools, but rather
to buy stools with backrests.
. The main reason is based on the incompatibility of styles, being this type of stools the most suitable for this type of premises, since they offer greater comfort and their finishes are more successful.

Making mistakes in the choice of furniture for the hotel and catering business can make your customers feel a bit confused inside the premises and not end up feeling comfortable in it.

Which one should I choose? With or without backrest?


Let’s get down to what we are really interested in, What are the best bar stools? With or without backing? There are several answers to this question, as there are different factors that can influence which option would be the most convenient for your premises.

Stools with backrests offer greater comfort to your customers, since they can support the lumbar area. In this respect they are much more relaxing than backless stools, but that doesn’t mean they are any better. When choosing them, you will have to take into account the space they would occupy in the room to make sure they are well stored when not in use.

Backless stools, however, tend to be a much more minimalist version than stools that do have backs. They are specially designed for premises with high customer turnover. They do not have parts to support the arms or elbows, so customers will not remain seated on them for long periods of time. On the other hand, and as a plus point, these stools are much easier to tidy up next to the bar when not in use.


The choice of bar stools is an important decision for your business.

Depending on the tastes and needs of your customers and your own business, you will have to choose between one or the other.

If you have a place with a high turnover of customers, the ideal is to opt for backless stools.

If, on the other hand, you have a place where you want your customers to spend as much time as possible at the bar, you definitely need to buy stools with backrests.

Now that you know a little more about what type of stool to choose for your business, we are sure you will know how to make the right choice. Beyond customer convenience, remember that you must also be true to the essence of your business. Many of your customers are attracted to that style, so listen to what really matters to any business: its customers.