Balinese beds, decorate the summer

Summer is already in the air and the pool or the beach are becoming more and more attractive destinations.

If you have a business by the beach or with a private pool, you should prepare yourself to make the most of it; and what better way to do it than turning your business into the most exclusive one?

Image via Gran Meliá de Mar

Including Balinese beds in your premises can be the perfect way to do it, more and more hoteliers are taking them into account, and the reason is no secret, since the added value they bring to a business is undeniable.

In addition, there is sure to be a Balinese bed model that perfectly fits the image you want to convey.

Balinese bed 11
Image via Fiaka

With the
linen curtains
of the
classic Balinese bed
With the linen curtains of the classic Balinese bed, your customers will have all the privacy they are looking for, plus, during the day it will make the stay in areas with little shade much more attractive.

Image via Fiaka

If you are looking for a modern and minimalist atmosphere, the
Balinese bed without canopy
is what you need, accompany it with a table table and large
rectangular cushions
and your guests won’t want to leave.

If your business needs versatile furniture that adapts to different events or if you want to offer different services using the same pieces, we recommend you our
modular Balinese beds
. You can see them, among other places, in the restaurant Les Sablettes, where during meals they function as sofas, while during the afternoon you can enjoy them to rest by the sea.

les sablletes-france (8)
Image via Fiaka
Image via Fiaka

Lastly, if your business is characterized by curved lines, our
circular Balinese bed
will make all your delights, ideal to enjoy the sun no matter the time of the day.

Image via Fiaka
Image via Fiaka

As you can see, there is a Balinese bed for every occasion!