Balconies with style

“If I die / leave the balcony open /The child eats oranges /(From my balcony I see it) /The reaper mows the wheat /(From my balcony I feel it) /If I die, /leave the balcony open!”….

We remember these beautiful verses of Lorca to talk about an architectural element that is part of many homes: the balcony. Beyond its literary symbolism, we focus on its decorative potential, which is our business. Having a balcony at home is always an advantage although, a priori, due to its small size -or its desolate appearance in some old flats- it may not seem so. In addition to extra lighting, this ‘window’ to the outside gives us the possibility to create a unique space where we can enjoy the good weather, the views, the food, the company… The fact is that few places like the balcony -or the terrace, if you have one- offer that feeling of freedom and connection with the outside in your own home. If you are thinking of giving it a new look to make the most of its possibilities or you are starting from scratch its decoration to start enjoying it, we summarize some tips that will help you.

1. Consider the use of the balcony

What will the balcony be used for? Sometimes we forget to ask ourselves this question before starting the (re)decoration of the balcony, perhaps because it is obvious. But design and practicality must go hand in hand. For this reason, we must be clear if we are thinking of a space to sit comfortably and enjoy our leisure time, a delicious breakfast or the starry night; If what we are looking for is to have a small ‘garden’ to beautify the house that we will not use as a stay; if what we want is an aesthetic extra storage space; or if we dream of a combination of the three options.

Balcony decoration
Via Delikatissen

2. Use materials and fabrics suitable for outdoors

Once this question is answered, we must look for
furniture, fabrics and materials suitable for outdoor use, especially if the balcony has no roof or awning.
especially if the balcony does not have a roof or awning. It should be borne in mind that, even if we store
we keep the furniture in winter
If they are not adapted to be outdoors, they deteriorate with the sun, temperature changes and humidity, losing their color and qualities.

3. Choose the furniture

With the use defined, it is easier to choose outdoor furniture according to your needs and the size of the balcony. We combine ideas from the three options – leisure space, mini ‘garden’ and storage – to suggest examples. A

and two chairs are usually the immediate choice if you are a breakfast and dinner couple.

Balcony decoration
Via Balkony

If you want to make the most of the space – and make room for friends – the best thing to do is to opt for a bench – which you can make your own from pallets and made-to-measure mattresses or cushions combined with several poufs (either rigid or rigid o
), which allow you to optimize space without sacrificing comfort.

Balcony decoration
Via Design and Decoration

trunks, chests and chests of drawers
They also offer many seating possibilities, as they can serve as both storage and seating space. If they are made of wood -and they are not designed for this double function- some cushions or mats on their surface will fix it.

If your balcony is an S size, it is best to opt for folding and multifunctional furniture, such as
tables that incorporate the seats
in their structure,
puff armchairs
that allow for different positions and accommodate several people, folding tables, etc.

balcony decoration
Puff armchairs in the balcony decoration. Via Ajattele suuria, mutta nauti pienistä

For storage, there are many options. In this case, you should opt for vertical and hanging systems that take up as little space as possible. Over-the-wall shelves, bookshelves and even ladders are some options.

Balcony decoration
Via Style and Deco
Balcony decoration
Via Cotemaison

To create your ‘mini garden’ are very useful boards on the wall and pallets, on which you can also design your vegetable garden vertically. There are also multiple supports for hanging plants. As a general rule, the balcony railings are used to place flower pots, planters, etc. Wooden trellises, through which plants can be twined, help to gain green space as well as privacy.

balcony decoration
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balcony decoration
Via Vertical Flowers
balcony decoration
Via Stylisheve
Balcony decoration
Via Delikatisen

4. A style that identifies you

The best thing to do is to choose a style that you identify with and that inspires you. In terms of trends, the mix of styles -noretnic, shabby chic, etc. – that is to say, eclecticism, is in fashion, as well as the Scandinavian aesthetics or the use of recycled, vintage or industrial pieces.

Balcony decoration
Via Hom-e.tumblr
Balcony decoration
Via My Darling Room
Balcony decoration
Via Balkon Wunder
Balcony decoration
Via Madame Plume

Among the aesthetics that triumph in the decoration of balconies and terraces is the chill out style. Whether in its purest essence or with different mixtures to give rise to exteriors of ethnic, romantic, rustic or Mediterranean inspiration?

Balcony decoration
Via Decoestilo

5. Bring life to your balcony: plants, flowers and details.

Flowers and plants not only give life to the decoration literally speaking, but also fill the space with color and joy. For the same reason, they become an essential element to multiply the beauty of balconies. For this purpose, we can also use colorful textiles – cushions, rugs, curtains… printed, plain or striped – that will increase comfort and coziness, giving a cozy feeling.

Balcony decoration
Via Nosotras

Balcony decoration

Details are equally essential in balcony decoration. Watering cans turned into improvised flower pots, lamps that add an exotic touch, ornaments that give touches of color (with bright and fluorine colors), DIY accessories … the possibilities are many and depend on the air you want to convey. However, it is advisable not to overdo it, otherwise the atmosphere will turn from cozy to suffocating because it is overloaded. When in doubt, less is more.