Awnings and umbrellas under the sun

The time of the chill out and outdoor terraces is approaching, we start to see in the decoration blogs those Ibiza and coastal looks that we like so much, and we think about the awnings and umbrellas, which are more than necessary, they are essential. Precisely from Fiaka we have just finished a special work for La Corrala Real, in Huétor Vega (Granada), a new space designed for the enjoyment of the fresh air of this beautiful town.

What advice should we follow when buying an awning for our premises or house? Today we are committed to originality. It is worth investing a little more and discarding the typical roll-up awning that has abounded for decades in bars and terraces around the world. Unless it is an exceptional material, specially decorated or adapted to a thematic decoration that asks for it, it is better to look for something new. It does not have to cost more.

In this chill out terrace we have designed a set of shades with awnings as hammocks, something that we have already used in other cases and that is easy to remove and clean from one year to another.

Special chill out terrace awnings Fiaka
Awnings in La Corrala Real.
Fiaka awnings at La Corrala Real
Several awnings arranged in a triangular shape.

When doing this work we have taken into account the arrangement of the space, the orientation of the sun, heights, etc …. It was decided to organize it in the form of wedges, as giant hammocks with the logo of the local, in a custom work of those that we like the most…

More tips when buying awnings:

  1. No tarpaulin. It is cumbersome and inelegant, as well as very heavy. As we are experts in nautical upholstery, in this and other cases we have worked with a special fabric for sails with UV filter (if you are interested, you can consult us in this link).
  2. White color, or light color that combines with the decoration. It’s much cooler than dark colors, of course, as well as being more linked to that chill out terrace essence.
  3. Do not cover absolutely everything. It is necessary to leave holes through which the sun can penetrate, to free air and gain light. By playing with different heights with different awnings we can create magnificent effects.
  4. In works such as La Corrala Real, and if we have enough space, furniture such as a Balinese bed or the BKF chair could be ideal.

Here are some photos of ways to ‘wow’ (in the double sense of creating shadows and surprising) a space.

Nautical fabric awnings, brand Fiaka
Nautical fabric awning, in Las Cuchis (Marbella), made by Fiaka.
awning tents on Fiaka's blog
Tent with original shape.
chill out terrace umbrellas
Square umbrellas on a chill out terrace.
Awnings with solar panels
Roof with solar energy panels.
Wooden canopy
Wood and branches canopy, rustic, oriental and natural style.