Autumn winter decoration novelties

Autumn/winter 2021/2022 decoration novelties

Autumn winter decoration novelties


As every year as the second half of the year progresses, we are looking forward to discovering what will be the new decoration novelties for the fall winter 2021/2022 season. Fans and designers know that at the end of each year, the big names in design announce the color of the season.

as we already know, is the world’s color reference. It has already made the selection of the 10 colors that will be trendy next fall/winter season.

First five colors

Next we will talk about the trend colors for the fall/winter season of 21-22. As we have been able to see, there will be 10 colors inspired by nature united with the traditional, among them we find neutral browns, a striking yellow and colors that never go out of fashion such as soft pink or sky blue.

Leprechaun (Pantone 18-6022), this green transmits tranquility and calmness and we associate it directly to nature, luck and prosperity, that which during these years of pandemic we have continuously searched for. In decoration this color transmits vitality and freshness, it is a color that combines very well with others and that fits in any room.

Root Beer (Pantone 19-1228), a brown found in many natural elements. It is one of the most used colors when decorating, since it is a cozy tone and makes us feel comfortable.

Mykonos Blue (Pantone 18-4434), an intense blue that transmits confidence, stability, security and of course we find it in the sea, the one that transmits so much calm, that is why it is a good choice for decoration because with this tone we feel very good.

Autumn winter decoration novelties

Lotus Sofa, Fiaka

Adobe (Pantone 17-1340), as previously mentioned, brown is found in many natural elements. It is one of the colors that combines with almost all the others, a room with this color makes it feel warmer and more familiar, invites you to relax.

Autumn winter decoration novelties

Tuscany armchair, Fiaka

Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647), yellow can transmit richness and warmth. It is one of the most visible colors. This color is associated with the sun and energy. It creates cozy and cheerful atmospheres. This color can be easily combined in any space giving it light and color.

Five last colors

Fuchsia Fedora (Pantone 18-2330), fuchsia can transmit joy. It is one of the colors we associate with fashion and elegance. It creates bold and energetic environments.

Autumn winter decoration novelties

Chester Sofa, Fiaka

Fire Whirl (Pantone 18-1453), this wine color is related to red, it represents warmth, strength, love. In the decoration it transmits serenity and firmness, giving rise to unique and intimate spaces.

Pale Rosette (Pantone 13-1716), pink transmits peace and tranquility. In nature we see it reflected in the sunsets and in the flowers when they begin to bloom. In decoration it is a color that behaves very well with others so you can make very nice combinations with it, any room will fill it with brightness.

Autumn winter decoration novelties

Lotus Sofa, Lanzarote Table and Rigid Puff, Fiaka

Spring Lake (Pantone 18-4221), blue is the color of water and sky, it transmits cleanliness and freshness. A color that combines perfectly with it in the decoration is white, they never fail.

Rhodonite (Pantone 19-3838), this purple color with a blue base gives us balance. We can associate them with luxury, wisdom and power. The decoration transmits elegance and relaxation, giving rise to unique and intimate spaces.

And this summary is the result of Pantone’s novelties for the current autumn winter season.