Autumn chill out touch in decoration

Autumn is here. Soon the rains will water the spaces with the unmistakable aroma of wet earth, the trees will be tinged with ochre and their dry leaves will fall forming a mantle on the ground, while the landscape is dressed in shades not exempt from a certain melancholy. To accompany the season, nothing like an autumnal decoration that allows prolonging the use of the chill out exteriors, multiplying its warmth -as long as the weather gives a truce- and turning the interiors of this style into cozy places designed to enjoy the changes of these months.

autumn chill out decoration
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Although this aesthetic is usually associated with summer, a time par excellence to enjoy outdoor spaces – whether it is the terrace, pool or garden – its design, 100% focused on comfort and relaxation, makes it an ideal alternative for any time of the year. We summarize, in this line, five decotips to ‘dress up’ the fall chill out decoration and reflect the nuances of the season. We accompany these simple tips with images that can inspire you when it comes to give an autumnal touch of autumnal chill out touch to your decoration..

autumn chill out decoration
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Multiplies the feeling of comfort

Use textiles such as rugs and curtains to multiply the feeling of comfort in the space, making it more welcoming. Dress up your sofas by using cushions with fall colors and patterns that invite you to take shelter. Use giant poufs and pillows next to side tables to enhance the feeling of coziness. Take advantage of the large windows to create chill out spaces with
chill out spaces with cushions and custom-made cushions on the
cushions on its interior sill; create a reading corner
reading corner
with a designer chair, an armchair or a divan, accompanied by a blanket and some cushions, next to the fireplace or in a corner that inspires a good read.

autumn chill out decoration
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autumn chill out decoration
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autumn chill out decoration
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autumn chill out decoration
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2. Pay attention to details

Certain ornaments evoke autumn. Don’t forget to pay attention to these details so that the season is present in the design. You can place a floral centerpiece with dried pine cones, DIY pictures with dried leaves, a prop pumpkin, a decorative vinyl reminiscent of this season… the possibilities are many.

autumn chill out decoration
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3. The colors of autumn

It combines the white typical of the chill out style with the characteristic colors of the season: oranges, ochre, yellows, browns… Use warm colors to create contrast, achieving an enveloping cozy feeling.

autumn chill out decoration
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autumn chill out decoration
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4. Soft lighting and evocation of nature

Place candles for soft lighting. With warm and adjustable light bulbs you can create atmosphere. It also uses materials that evoke nature, such as wood, to give that cozy feeling associated with the earth, the roots. Fire -either from candles or the fireplace- will help to enhance this atmosphere because of its symbolism.

autumn chill out decoration
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5. Eclectic mix

It uses a mix of styles, textures and periods to enhance the feeling of warmth of the space through eclecticism. Wooden beams, wallpaper on one of the wall panels, exposed brick in some areas, recovered or vintage furniture together with design pieces… certain combinations can bring a sense of comfort to the space. Of course, here we refer to a
decorative trend of this 2014
that escapes seasonality to go beyond the fall season.autumn chill out decoration

oroño chill out decoration
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