An exotic touch with the Balinese bed

With the arrival of good weather, locals and hotels prepare the opening of their summer terraces and swimming pools. It is time to dust off the outdoor furniture to ‘dress up’ the outdoor spaces and, if possible, renew their ‘look’ or give them a new air, which we recommend as far as possible. Surprising the customer with the taste for small details, as well as with a careful decoration is always a good formula to underline the difference of the business in question. In this line, we talk about a unique piece to give an exotic touch to outdoor spaces, getting them to leave a mark for its unique beauty: the
Balinese bed

fiaka Ambient Balinese bed
Fiaka Ambient Balinese bed.

This charming piece of furniture is a winner in the design of
chill out environments
created 100% for leisure and relaxation. Its comfortable mattress, placed on a firm wooden structure, is ideal to comfortably enjoy good music and better company, either sitting or lying down. In addition, the models with canopy and subtle linen curtains provide a plus of intimacy and beauty, becoming exceptional ‘umbrellas’. That is why they have become the queen of summer terraces and beachfront bars, giving an elegant and glamorous air.

balinese bed fiaka ambient hotel gallery
Balinese beds without canopy made by Fiaka Ambient for the Gallery Hotels chain.

As we have commented on occasion, this chill out icon is also usually the piece par excellence in lounge bars, Mediterranean or Ibizan style bars (not by chance in Anglo-Saxon countries they are known as chill out beds or lounge beds). In the
hotel decoration
-mainly in swimming pools, gardens and terraces- they are also very popular due to their particular oriental charm, which adds a very chic ethnic touch.

Balinese beds
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Balinese beds
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Balinese beds
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A Balinese bed for every space

There are different
models of Balinese beds
adapted to the characteristics of the space. In our catalog you can find from the circular ones, which allow any position and orientation, to the modular ones, great for XS size spaces. Due to its versatility, this piece is very attractive for lovers of originality and changes in decoration, since it allows the configuration of different shapes, depending on the needs.

Modular Balinese bed
Balinese modular bed Fiaka Ambient

For open and spacious places, it is best to opt for canopy Balinese beds.
Balinese beds with canopy
either with wooden or white structure, or Balinese beds with two bodies. If you are looking for the perfect match for these models have a look at the
Balinese tables
with which they share the same design line.

Balinese beds Fiaka Ambient
Balinese bed by Fiaka Ambient.
Balinese beds
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Balinese beds
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How to combine the Balinese bed

Although the Balinese bed’s charm is enough to make a space particularly attractive, it is not superfluous to combine it with complements that increase its comfort and beauty, such as cushions and curtains. Side tables and poufs (both rigid and soft) are also great travel companions for this piece.

Balinese beds
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Balinese beds
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Since Balinese beds do not usually go unnoticed -in fact they are the target of attention-, we recommend placing several of them in order to avoid that, precisely because of their prominence, they attract all the attention, reducing the intimacy of those who use them. An environment with lush plants and flowers is recommended to highlight its exoticism. The paradisiacal context of a beach becomes, in the same way, an unparalleled scenery. That is why sand and coastline are often the exceptional companions of Balinese beds.

Balinese beds
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