“Action!” The famous BKF chair, iconic and modern

What is your story?

Its history began in 1938 in Buenos Aires when two Argentinians and a Catalan got carried away by the era of stylized designs and created the famous BKF. Its name comes from the first initials of the designers Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari.

BKF canvas
BKF Fiaka canvas

It is a different chair, different, that does not look like the others, something unique. This is not only because of its design, but also because the BKF chair, also known as Butterfly, is extremely comfortable, sturdy and inviting to sit on thanks to its perfectly ergonomic shape.

Butterfly effect

An original piece of modern style and structure in painted steel and bovine leather. Today, you can find this BKF butterfly with covers in all colors, prints and fabrics. And as for its structure, since 2002, after the international competition, a folding version with only 8 pieces has appeared.

And it is an inspiration for artistic recreations!

Who is more famous?

Since the birth of this butterfly chair, it has sheltered famous actors, singers and designers, among others, in its “wings”.

We started to do a head count:

Audrey Hepburn loved to sunbathe in a BKF. She, always so elegant and fine, could not choose any other to enjoy the beach. Elegant people need an elegant throne.

Audry Hepbrun & BKF
Audry Hepbrun & BKF

Another beautiful actress, starring in romantic comedies, who was seduced by this perfect pool companion was Jeanne Crain.

Jeann Crain & BKF
Jeann Crain & BKF

And it is perfect as a chair and as a hammock, a seat in which you can sit in so many different ways.

bkf postures
Ways to sit in a BKF

We continue to fill the history of the iconic BKF chair with the names of famous people.


Posa posa, butterfly

She has been the protagonist of magazine covers, posters, photoshoots, has been part of the houses of celebrities, illustrations and has appeared in advertisements. It became a symbol of modern, elegant, carefree and contemporary life.

The piece has been part of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York since 1944 and also part of the permanent collection of Museu del Disseny in Barcelona since 2014. With its simple and unmistakable lines, it represents a cult object of the 20th century.

Simple and at the same time enigmatic, it attracts designers from all over the world for its ability to adapt to any environment. And they know that it is ideal for a rustic environment, a swimming pool and even in the living room of a home. Its cover is easily removable, which allows you to change it for another fabric or print, whenever you want.

It had to be the best chair in the world so that after so many years, seasons and trends, it continues to be incorporated as a key element in the decoration. Thus, in the One Kings Lane article, they tell us how Rebecca Minkoff (one of the most famous fashion designers today) has incorporated the BKF chair in the living room of her beautiful apartment. She confesses that “butterfly” chairs are her “favorite addiction”.

Rebeca Minkoff and her son Luca in BKF chair
Rebeca Minkoff and her son Luca in BKF chair

We could talk forever about this very artistic piece of furniture, and we will certainly do it again. This is because no matter what happens it will remain the characteristic icon of the modernist style.

If you want to create an environment worthy of this style, check out our BKF chairs that we offer at Fiaka, you’ll love them!

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