About the Butterfly or BKF chair

Have you ever sat in a Butterfly or BKFchair? You will recognize it precisely because it is a butterfly-shaped chair, with a leather or synthetic cover that is subjected to an iron or steel structure. When sitting, or depending on how we sit, the shape varies slightly giving a feeling of mobility as pleasant as that of a hammock. You can see it in our catalog.

BKF chair at Fiaka for 140 €.

But the BKF chair is much more. As a mythical design in the history of furniture, it integrates into any decoration, bringing the characteristics of its essence: comfort, modernity, freedom of space… To go for this type of Butterfly chair says a lot about an interior designer or decorator. Its initials are the initials of its creators, Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari, a Catalan and two Argentinians who designed it in 1938 (a time of stylized designs) in Buenos Aires, and who were soon confronted with an alleged influence of the Tripolina campaign chair, although they always denied it. You can find an original BKF chair in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which awarded it, and in the Knoll Museum, which acquired its manufacturing rights in 1947, giving it a worldwide diffusion (it is estimated that 5 million Butterfly chairs were manufactured in the 1950s).

Antique butterfly chair photos, for sale at Fiaka

The variations that this design admits, to make chairs or other furniture, with its concept of pendular support, are very many. The original case was made of leather, although today it is made of all kinds of materials. In Fiaka.es you can find it in 17 colors, although we can manufacture it in any other color, material or print you need. You can find Fiaka’s BKF chair at, for example, Spinosa Boards.