About customized furniture

More and more people are asking us to customize their leatherette furniture. It is something normal since summer is approaching and many chill out terraces are preparing for the summer with the intention of renewing the furniture, and also because with the good weather outdoor events are held that have sponsors or companies that would like to see their logo on poufs, benches or cubes. We are going to talk about the two types of customizations we work with (the two best possible) and clarify the advantages of each one.

Personalized furniture by silk-screen printing

It is the most common. With plates of different colors and in a short time , the desired image is printed on the leatherette of the furniture. This is the option we recommend when you are going to make a considerable amount of customized furniture, also if we are talking about large prints or complex things, such as some logos or phrases. Fast, clean and effective.

Personalized furniture, personalized poufs, Carlsberg

Leatherette pouf with silk-screen printing, made by Fiaka.es

Personalized furniture by embroidery

Screen printing may seem better than embroidery, but we have also done work with thread that has turned out wonderfully well. In fact, if there is little custom furniture to be made, we go for embroidery. Also if it is an image, logo or word that contains many colors, and if it is a small icon on the furniture, so that it resists well. Be careful, as long as it is something simple, without a lot of frills.

Personalized Burn poufs by Fiaka.es

Embroidery on pouf customization by Fiaka.es

Custom stools by Fiaka.es

Regarding prices and deadlines, the truth is that for a normal production they are quite similar, and the difference between screen printing and embroidery is marked by the characteristics of each job. If this personalized furniture is going to be used in very classy events, embroidery always gives a touch of distinction, of course. And also if it is for one or two pieces of furniture. If there is going to be more of a “battle” (traffic, large public, furniture outdoors for a considerable time), silk-screen printing is more warlike. However, if you have any doubts, please contact us and we will deal with your case exclusively. The ideas can be endless, from customizing a Fiaka Pelota as a birthday gift for a kid to customizing benches to give strength to the name of a store.