About Big Brother furniture

We are not going to evaluate this controversial TV contest itself, whose audience success is beyond any doubt. But we do want to make a brief assessment of the furniture of Gran Hermano 12 + 1 and its decoration, because it has been especially striking, and certainly the best of all editions of its Spanish version. In it we see some of the current trends in decoration and interior design. In addition, we are lucky to say that in the Guadalix house there is Fiaka.es furniture; the other day, apparently, one of the contestants hid in one of the trunks to give another one a scare (by the way, we are considering raffling one just like these trunks in the color that the winner chooses, let us know if you would like it).

Fiaka bedroom trunks

Fiaka bedroom chests

In the distribution, interior design and decoration of the Guadalix house we have to emphasize, above all, that it is a spectacular house, in the purest sense of the word‘spectacle‘. That is to say, it is a televised and televised house, it has something of a ‘sitcom’ set, and it is designed for a very specific artificial lighting. Despite all these limitations, we were struck by the powerful use of the strongest colors (orange, blue, gold) in Big Brother’s furniture and in the decoration in general, sometimes even strident, but very lively and energetic.

Big Brother bedrooms

Big Brother 12+1 Trunks

Big Brother 12+1 Kitchen

We also loved the wallpaper, the design of the walls and furniture, with animals on the kitchen doors, a world map in the bathroom, natural prints, etc. Being a house/game that cannot be left, these integrated ‘landscapes’ will greatly ease the stay of the contestants.

Big Brother 12+1 Bathroom

All very functional, no frills, straight to the point. It is easy to order and to keep tidy. Lots of different furniture, with eclecticism, and yes, with lots of soft furniture, that is, poufs, beds (like the round one in the pool), soft benches, cushions… The Fiaka.es trunks have been very useful for this purpose.

Swimming Pool Big Brother 12+1

Big Brother 12+1 Lounge

We insist, apart from the contest, it seems to us that the decoration and furniture of Big Brother belong to a great work, very difficult to integrate with dozens of cameras and adapted to the situation: a dozen strangers who have to share a house without being able to leave it and to see who gets the last one. Not otherwise, but they will be comfortable.