A ‘fashionable’ stand

The biggest fashion festival in Spain opens its catwalks. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (#MBFWM on Twitter) -formerly Cibeles- will show until September 4 the collections of renowned designers such as Roberto Verino, Victorio & Lucchino or Hannibal Laguna, among many others. Twenty promising young designers will also have their chance in the EGO Showroom, which will offer, in addition to new decoration and design of spaces, a content focused exclusively on the exhibition and sale of textile collections to the public.

In this post, however, we are not going to talk about the designers and collections that will set trends this year, which we leave to the experts in these matters. We take advantage of the fact that Fiaka Ambient’s furniture will be on parade at the MBFW along with Ö!MyGood ‘s delicious frozen yogurt to revisit a topic that we have already discussed in previous posts: the decoration of stands for trade fairs.

Just like a store window or the interior design of a store, stands serve as a company’s business card. Hence the need to focus on its decoration and furnishings to seek differentiation at trade fairs in the sector.

Ö!MyGood stand with furniture by Fiaka Ambient

Design, Originality and Budget

Experts in stand decoration such as Art Play, a firm with 10 years of experience in event management, advise to keep in mind three key elements: design, originality and budget. Undoubtedly, the stand that remains in the memory, the one that most attracts the public at a trade fair, is the one that presents the most original decorative elements with identity.

We advise, in this sense, to flee from the typical table with the roll up, as we commented in other occasions, to look for original designs that do not leave indifferent.

In this search for impact, it is necessary to keep in mind when planning the budget whether the stand will be for a single use or whether the company will be able to use it on future dates for which it is scheduled to ‘parade’ in more fairs.

2. Reuse

We recommend moving away from the ‘throwaway’ concept to amortize the investment made in furniture and decoration of stands. Betting on reusable systems or materials will allow us to make the most of the costs. Ö!MyGood has opted, in this sense, for a replica of its stand at ExpoFranquicias. This brings us directly to the next issue: establishing a recognizable brand image at trade fairs.

Ö!MyGood stand with furniture by Fiaka Ambient

Ö!MyGood stand with furniture by Fiaka Ambient

3. Fix a recognizable image

Transmitting the values associated with the brand through the decoration and fixing that image so that they relate to the company is vital. Ö!MyGood has managed, in this sense, that the interior design of its stand evokes its frozen yogurt and its healthy properties. The right choice of white, associated with the refreshing and healthy product, the photo murals and the slogans with which the walls of the stand speak of the brand also help to recreate the comfortable image of its establishments, designed for the customer to relax while focusing on the taste of the product.

4. Personalized furniture

The furniture for stands must be an element in accordance with the aesthetic and graphic line of the stand. In this sense, it is convenient to customize the furniture. The company’s logo and the combination of its corporate colors, not only in the furniture itself, but also on the walls, can give a lot of play in the decoration of these nomadic spaces. Ö!MyGood has opted for comfortable cylindrical puff chairs in white combined with other cubic puff chairs in black. Original high stools with curved shapes and in the same silver color as the tables also serve to evoke the feeling of ice cream while making the space cozy.

5. Details that make unique

Having details that make the booth unique make the difference. We are not only looking to evoke a functional image as a marketing strategy. We will also try to make the space aesthetically pleasing and inspiring for visitors. Models that evoke the idiosyncrasy of the company, photographs or artistic graffiti, different lighting… any motif that is well used can underline the uniqueness of the business. The ultimate goal: that the booth is always ‘on trend’.