7 tips for restaurant interior design

We know that during the summer all your efforts are concentrated on your terrace, but to give the best customer service, you should not only focus on the outside. However attractive the exterior may be, it is necessary not to neglect the interior. When considering the design and layout of a restaurant, there are several aspects to focus on and the process can even be overwhelming. Therefore, in this post we want to provide seven tips when designing the interior of a restaurant to try to make your life easier. Are you in?

Aspects to take into account when designing the interior of a restaurant



When it’s time to think about what type of furniture to use
furniture to choose, focus on all the pieces to pieces accentuate your brand’s personality, choosing a good selection of colors, shapes and sizes that convey your brand’s personality to customers. The interior of the restaurant must be carefully designed so that your customers understand at all times what you want to represent. The
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The ambiance, the space and all the other components of your restaurant’s interior should convey the brand image you want to transmit.



Colors have a vital importance in the psychology of the human being and should be chosen depending on the emotions you want to convey. Consciously or not, colors affect the mood and influence the customer’s decision. Have you noticed how many bigwigs in the fast food industry exploit the color red? Do you know why? They do this not because the owners like the color red more than any other color, but because the color red induces hunger.

This is the main reason why large fast food companies include it in their brand logos, in the furniture of their restaurants and in the complete decoration of their restaurants. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose your colors according to the emotions you want to convey to your guests.


lighting-interior design restaurant
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Lighting is another important factor that greatly influences the interior of a restaurant. Just as good lighting at the entrance of the restaurant can attract many customers inside, attractive and bright interior lighting can bring in many customers attracted to spend a pleasant time inside the restaurant.

As well as a set of restaurant
restaurant furniture, a meticulous choice of
comfortable restaurant furniture, a meticulous choice of interior lighting can make your diners feel more comfortable and relaxed inside. So take note and don’t forget that lighting can play a very important role in whether your customers come in or not.

Music and smell


Have you visited a restaurant lately and they had an incoherent music playlist? A restaurant’s choice of music has an unquantifiable effect on customers. It’s not just a matter of choosing the right music. If you combine it with an attractive scent you will get the customer to activate all their senses.

A perfect mix of music and an amazing smell will enhance your brand image, as well as stimulate your customers’ appetite.



You may be wondering why we include the bathroom or kitchen when designing the interior of the restaurant. The answer is very simple, it is a question of image. It is a poor customer service if there are no restrooms, or if they are available, they are totally neglected or do not have a lock on the door, soap or some paper to dry hands. For this reason, it is important to try to keep the restroom clean and tidy, as well as having paper towels and a soap dispenser to offer the most comfortable experience possible to all your customers.

When decorating the bathroom, you can opt for patterned tiles and a mirror that stands out. The way some restaurants decorate their bathrooms is very trendy on Instagram and gets some diners to even take pictures of themselves in them and share their experience on what is possibly the most used social network of the moment.

Like patterned tiles and a mirror that stands out, candles in sinks and scent diffusers can be part of a complete sensory experience within the bathroom.

The goal of dining out is to enjoy things that your diners don’t normally have at home, so don’t skimp on providing your customers with everything they want.

Seating arrangement


Don’t you think it’s out of place when a restaurant has everything perfectly organized and leaves out the layout of the tables where customers sit? The truth is that it doesn’t make any sense. The distribution of the tables throughout the space should be such that it creates a welcoming space for your guests. You should include enough distance between tables so that your diners are comfortable at all times and do not feel that the neighbor may be listening to their conversation.

Heating and Ventilation


Why is it so important to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the restaurant? In addition to making customers and staff feel comfortable enough inside, it is necessary to build a proper ventilation system that will help clean the smoke and odor accumulated in the kitchen, creating a safe and conducive environment inside the restaurant for both the staff and your customers.