7 tips for hotel reception design

The design of the hotel reception is important, as it is an opportunity to make a good first impression on customers. This first impression begins to form once guests enter through the main entrance. The function of this reception area of a hotel has changed over the years, moving away from the sole purpose of checking guests in and out. It is now a much more multifunctional space, used for meetings, catching up or relaxing. If you’ve come across this article, you may need to take charge of choosing hotel reception furniture. For this reason we have compiled 7 tips that will help you design and choose the right reception furniture.

Tips for the design and choice of hotel reception furnishings

Comfortable seating


Seating is important in any area of the hotel, but particularly at the front desk. The seating is for tired guests who want to relax before checking in or checking out of their room, or for large families who need space to organize their belongings before going up to their room.

When choosing
reception furniture
you will need to include
y armchairs attractive and comfortable for those guests who wish to find some peace and quiet while reading a book, as well as for those who have organized a quick coffee or a business meeting.

Do not obstruct others


It is likely that you will have limited space in your hotel for the reception area, so plan the layout carefully. Clear some areas for guests to move around and create a space for others to check into their room without being crowded.

Casual work space


bar stools
allow guests to pause for a coffee break or take a moment to answer emails from their laptops. The choice of these seats is ideal for spaces where we want traffic to flow smoothly. These bar stools can be easily moved and take up little floor space. Sofas, being much lower, require a lower table, such as a coffee table, which are not as practical when working.

Positioning for convenience


hotel tables
should be paired with appropriate seating to reflect the main activities of the space. Coffee tables are a good choice to go next to comfortable armchairs, as they create a relaxed space for meetings or coffee breaks. Higher seating and tables will suit the needs of your business guests, providing them with areas to work on their laptops. Make sure the tables are located near the electrical outlets for convenience and not too close to offer your guests some privacy.

The importance of choosing quality fabrics


When choosing fabrics, the number of people who will be using the furniture must be taken into account. Hotel receptions generate a lot of traffic and this can be reflected in the wear and tear of fabrics. Be sure to choose a durable upholstery to prevent the upholstery from spoiling in a short period of time.

Flexible areas


By selecting certain types of furniture you can create flexible areas within the hotel reception. You can opt for stools and high tables where your customers can stay for a short period of time checking emails. These stools and high tables can be mixed with armchairs and coffee tables where anyone can relax with a cup of coffee or browse the newspaper. When choosing this furniture, it is essential that it is not too heavy so that your guests can move it and group it in one way or another depending on their needs.

Don’t forget to mix design and functionality


Choose fabrics that not only complement the reception design, but are also functional. Do not forget that the hotel reception furniture must be easy to clean by the employees.