7 DECO ideas to copy from a hotel

It is always nice to stay in a hotel. The beds are usually super comfortable, you don’t have to clean up afterwards, and the decor and design of the rooms usually provide you with plenty of decorating ideas. The details in the decoration and design used in hotels are often what make them stand out, and in many occasions they are not very difficult to apply in your own hotel or boutique. For this reason, we show you 7 DECO ideas to copy from a hotel. Take note and choose the ones that best suit your business.

Copy now these 7 DECO ideas and implement them in your hotel

Define sleeping space with a wrap-around headboard

Headboard with light in a hotel room.

Wrap-around headboards are an effective way to define the sleeping space, as well as add texture and color to the room. There are several ways to do it and style it, but no matter how you do it, a wrap-around headboard is a unique design detail in your bedroom.

Include a small rest area


Hotel rooms often include a small lounge or seating area in the room to provide a place for guests to sit and relax without lying in bed. Doing the same in your hotel or boutique rooms will create an ideal place to read, relax or enjoy a morning coffee, and it’s as simple as including a chair, a chest of drawers or a cozy sofa with a small table.

Place the bed in the center of the room and put a desk behind it.


If you want to include a desk in your room, but feel there is not enough space for it, you can place the bed in the center of the room and place a desk behind it. This is a trend that is often used in furniture layout and is an easy thing to do in your hotel rooms for extra functionality in the space.

Place the bed on a platform


Raising the bed, even a few extra inches, can create a new feel in the bedroom. Hotels do this to separate sleeping and living areas, but you can copy their idea to give your guests a space within a space, specially designated just for sleeping.

Use murals behind the bed


Murals are a great way to personalize the space and add some life to the walls. Hotels usually use renowned artists, but you can contact a nearby muralist and tell him/her about the idea you have in mind.

Add a bench at the foot of the bed


Hotel rooms usually have benches for guests to place their luggage during their stay. It’s a simple and tidy way for them to keep things close at hand. In a hotel, a bench at the end of the bed is the perfect place to store clothes for the next day, or a good place for guests to sit and put on their shoes in the morning.

Adds elements of comfort


Textiles such as extra blankets or stacks of pillows are common features and, at the same time, are easy elements to include in hotel rooms. They add texture, warmth and coziness to your space and are easy to change as the seasons or your tastes change.

These are the 7 deco ideas to copy from a hotel that we have compiled from
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we can assure you that all the little details count when it comes to building customer loyalty, and decoration plays a fundamental role in this. Attract your customers with a good decoration and show them that they can feel at home.