5 tips to make the most of the available space in your restaurant

Whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel (or any hospitality related business) you’ll want to make the most of the available space with the furniture that best suits it. There are thousands of options available on the market that can fit the needs of your potential customers. Competition is fierce and all businesses want to get the most out of the venue to ensure their customers have the best possible experience. Your restaurant’s furniture should play a key role in this. Any restaurant owner wants to be complete in lunch and dinner services. Filling the restaurant is the goal of any restaurateur, but it is essential that your customers are comfortable and have a pleasant stay so that they repeat. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to make the most of the space available in the store without crowding your customers. It’s a delicate job where you’ll need to maintain a balance between quality and quantity, so read on for some tips on how to make the most of space in restaurants.

How to make the most of space in restaurants

First impressions are key

5 tips to make the most of the available space in your restaurant

To create the illusion of a large space in the restaurant, choose light colors for both walls and fabrics. Remember that before your customers sit down, they will look to see if there is a space available for them to do so. If so, many take into account the space they will have available. If there is little space between tables, they may not be seated, as some customers are reluctant to have little space between tables due to lack of privacy.

Also make sure that your restaurant’s furniture is in perfect condition. Don’t scare your customers away with old chairs or tables in poor condition.

Size and distance between tables

Venezia bench made to measure by Fiaka.es

Not all restaurants have the same needs. In a casual restaurant or fast food establishment, performance has to be extremely high. On the other hand, a fine dining restaurant will have a quiet and exquisite atmosphere, which makes the furniture layout in different businesses different.

In the latter, you can be sure that customers will want space between tables to enjoy a complete and private experience with the family. It is important to make diners feel comfortable and to create an open, spacious and friendly atmosphere, even if the venue does not have a large space. In a fast food environment, however, you can afford to keep the distance between tables closer and less comfortable. The
benches for restaurants
work particularly well in this type of places, since it is a custom-made piece of furniture that covers the entire wall of the premises and allows that, even with individual tables, up to twice as many diners can be seated.

Obviously, the size of the venue will determine how many diners can be seated there. However, it is recommended that the distance between tables be approximately the width of a person. In addition, it is advisable to have a wide aisle to avoid disturbing seated diners.

Plan before you buy


It is very easy to buy restaurant furniture based solely on the design or how it might look in your location. That’s why we advise you not to get too excited and ask yourself what your business really needs and what can work best within the space you have. For example, do you only need tables y
or is there a bar area where your customers can have a drink before their meal? If so, the
stools for restaurants
are essential to make the best use of space. Maybe you need to get your hands on some sofa or an armchair to invite your guests to relax in a specific area after the meal.

You don’t need to be an architect or interior designer to plan your room, but you will need to plan on pencil and paper before you buy any furniture. You will simply need to draw a sketch of the premises including the location of the kitchen, entrance, bathrooms, bar area and even any pillars or stairs. Use this scheme as a template, make a few photocopies and scribble on them drawing different possible furniture layouts.

Store it when not in use


If you have a terrace sheltered from the weather, you may be able to use it all year round. A great point in your favor that you will have to make the most of when the good weather is with you.

Of course, you will need
outdoor furniture
that can withstand high and low temperatures or that will not wear out over time due to weather conditions. Keep in mind that you will have to store this furniture when it is not in use, so it would not be a bad idea if it were stackable to prevent it from taking up more space.

Plan around the tables, not the chairs.



In case you didn’t know, it is very important to have enough tables for two people. Tables for 4 or more people may be occupied by a few diners, but they will not always be full, which means having many empty chairs and wasting valuable space. A smart design will include several table sizes; smaller tables that can be joined with others, four-person tables and a couple of larger tables for group reservations. The best layout is the one that allows you the most flexibility and can be combined to create a different layout depending on the customer’s needs at any given time.

A very important point is to attend to those customers with additional needs. Therefore, don’t forget to include high chairs for children or high and wide tables for customers in wheelchairs.

If we can give you any advice from Fiaka, it is to make sure you plan as much as you can. Think about your brand, what you are trying to achieve and what type of tables and chairs best fit your venue. If you don’t find anything that fits your needs, don’t be afraid to buy custom furniture
buying custom-made furniture
. In most of the occasions they are the most demanded furniture by hoteliers, since they are personalized items based on the individual characteristics of each business.