20 DIY for Christmas decorations

Putting ornaments on the tree, decorating the house, setting up the nativity scene… Christmas decorating has become a ritual for many families, an essential tradition in many homes. Parents and children enjoy to the fullest those little moments – the ones that really make life meaningful – whose imprint is indelible. It is impossible not to relive childhood, no matter how many years have passed, with the shared illusion and the gestures repeated year after year when decorating the home to welcome these holidays. Don’t you agree?

To give a more personal touch to those moments with the family, nothing better than opting for handmade ornaments, that is, DIY (Do it yourself) details. In this case, if everyone participates in making them, so much the better. There are many materials that you can reuse to create original recycled Christmas ornaments. We list ten with many possibilities when it comes to designing charming details to give style to the home. And while we’re at it, we’ll show you 20 creative Christmas DIYs:

Glass jars

With glass jars it is possible to create beautiful Christmas centerpieces, as well as candle holders to set the mood for Christmas with soft, intimate and cozy lighting.

diy Christmas ornament
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diy christmas decoration
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diy Christmas ornament
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recycled Christmas ornaments
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diy christmas ornament
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diy christmas ornament
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Glass bottles

Before throwing away that glass bottle, you’d better think twice. By recycling them, you can ‘make’ beautiful vases, candlesticks and DIY lamps to add character to Christmas.

diy christmas ornament
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3. Wool

The wool is excellent for lining cardboard stars, balls, bottles, etc. to create original Christmas ornaments.

diy christmas wreath
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Fabrics and paper

Stars, hearts, Christmas wreaths, garlands… fabric and paper can be used to make many DIY details for the holidays.

diy christmas wreath
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5. Cans

As difficult as it may seem, cans allow you to make beautiful DIY ornaments without much effort. However, they must first be well cleaned and lined.

recycled Christmas ornaments
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6. Pallets

Pallets are one of the most versatile materials when it comes to creating recycled furniture. The possibility of disassembling their structure also makes them ideal for creating DIY Christmas trees as well as other festive details.

christmas tree diy pallets
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7. Branches

At Christmas time, going off the beaten track is more than justified, since it can give a very original touch to the decoration. Not in vain with branches it is possible to design small DIY Christmas trees, but also charming centerpieces and Christmas ornaments that do not go unnoticed.

DIY Christmas tree decoration
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diy christmas tree with branches
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diy christmas tree with branches
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diy christmas tree
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8. Balls

One of the Christmas tree decorations par excellence, as well as a very useful element to design all kinds of garlands: DIY Christmas balls.

diy christmas ball
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diy Christmas balls
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9. With stairs

The stairs allow you to design original DIY Christmas trees. A brief glance at the web is enough to find an infinite number of designs with this element, ideal for the decoration of shop windows due to its character and personality.

christmas tree diy stairs
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10. Dried pineapples

Dried pine cones have become an ornament associated with Christmas. Because of their fir tree shape and the possibility of painting them, there are many possibilities. From a DIY centerpiece to natural Christmas tree ‘balls’.

christmas diy dried pine cones
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