10 ideas for a surprising living room

The living room is the quintessential meeting space in the home. In times when the weather conditions invite to change the exterior spaces of the house for the interior, this room takes center stage as it becomes, as a general rule, the scene of leisure time shared with the couple, family or friends. If it also incorporates in its design the dining room becomes, by far, the most frequented area of the house. Hence the need to pay special attention to the decoration of the living room, so that its functionality is enhanced by a design of singular beauty. To help you achieve this, we summarize 10 ideas to create a surprising living room whose uniqueness will not go unnoticed.

living room decoration
Via casa Haus

A sofa with personality

The sofa, as we have already mentioned on occasion, is usually the protagonist of the living room, becoming its backbone. The choice of the model will set the style of the living room decoration. Opt for a
singular piece of design
can guarantee the success of the interior design by giving a different air to the environment. With this in mind, you can choose recycled and DIY models, whether it is a
pallet sofa
We always recommend the use of custom-made cushions and cushions for its assembly.

living room decoration
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2. A touch of chill out

There is nothing better to underline the cozy feeling of the living room than to give it a chill out touch with some of the decorative recipes of this style, such as, for example, the use of
soft seating, cushions and
to enhance the feeling of balance, relaxation and comfort of the space.

living room decoration
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3. A design classic

Design classics allow the personality of the room to shine through. Icons such as the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe, the Chester sofa, the Tolix stool, the Tulip table, the Arco floor lamp or the
BKF chair
chair, among many others, accentuate the beauty of the interior design with their presence.

bkf chair
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4. Mix styles

It is not by chance that eclecticism has become a major trend in interior design. The combination of different styles results in spaces of marked character and exceptional beauty. However, not every mixture is aesthetically pleasing at the outset.

living room decoration
Chill out lounge with a Moroccan feel. Via Dar-Amina

5. Recycled and reclaimed parts

Recycled, reclaimed and DIY furniture becomes an ideal way to add personality to your decor without spending a lot. It is not for nothing that these are unique pieces.

living room decoration
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6. A natural touch

Natural evocative materials, such as wood, allow the creation of harmonious environments, where the feeling of peace becomes part of the beauty.

living room decoration
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7. An unexpected element

A swing, a
Balinese bed
A swing, a Balinese bed, suitcases turned into a table, a ladder transformed into a shelf… decontextualizing the use or location of furniture or everyday objects to create a discordant note can open the door to a living room as original as it is surprising.

swing decoration
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8. Walls

Paintings, mirrors or works of art allow the living room walls to say a lot. Its color and motifs -whether based on paint, wallpaper or decorative vinyls- also give character to this room, where textures can also enhance its warmth and style: exposed brick, wooden beams also visible, the presence of stone, hydraulic tiles, wooden floors … can give an industrial, rustic, vintage air… Everything will depend on the aesthetics that you want to accentuate in the room.

living room decoration
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9. Take care of the details

Textiles (such as curtains and rugs), accessories (lamps, candles and various ornaments) and plants are essential when creating an inspiring living room. Careful attention to detail is essential in decoration. However, ornaments should not be overdone in order to avoid creating a heavy and suffocating atmosphere. When in doubt, the beauty of simplicity rarely disappoints.

living room decoration
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10. Furniture with character

It is advisable to opt for few pieces -just enough for the use of the living room- and simple pieces that match the style of the living room decoration.

living room decoration
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