1 Puff 2 Functions

Sometimes we can find ourselves at home with a space that seems incomplete, because we do not end up finding that piece of furniture for that difficult corner. The importance of choosing the right piece increases if the space available is limited. The solution can be found in the variety and simplicity offered by the
. Pouffes can become a great versatile tool that can cover different needs in a home while occupying a single space. Today we present you several proposals where the puff fulfills a double function.

Upholstered table

One of the most widespread uses of the pouf is as a side table. It’s a great resource, and fits into any environment or style. The most suitable type of puff for this case would be a rigid puff.
rigid puff
We can also give it our particular touch by placing a silver tray, for example, on the surface of the puff. These poufs can be customized in terms of colors and fabrics, always adapting to your needs.

1 Puff 2 Functions
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Pouffe bed

Possibly the best known use of the puff is the puff bed. It is a great resource, since in a small space we can have a comfortable seat and when we need it, it will become a bed in a very simple way. In Fiaka you can find three types of puff beds. The model
model, for example, is foldable and has a comfortable backrest.


Puff chest

The puff chest is among our favorite puff, as it allows us to have a comfortable seat and also offers us extra storage space. The puff chest is perfect as a magazine rack or shoe rack and for the little ones to store their toys. You can also find them in different sizes according to your needs.