What is a Boutique Hotel?

It is a term that began to be used in the United States and the United Kingdom in the early 1980s to refer to a type of small hotel, with a very characteristic decorative style and a taste for maintaining the heritage and cultural richness of the city. Currently, these boutiques are becoming very fashionable among many sectors of the population. Want to learn more about what a boutique hotel is? We show it to you!

What is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is a small hotel created from an old building that has undergone a renovation and has been converted into a tourist accommodation. The exterior of a boutique hotel is characterized by maintaining a similar aesthetic to the one that formerly showed the facade of the building, thus prolonging the aesthetics for much longer.

Far from the truth, the facade and its interior have little to do with an old building. Although, as we have said, it does try to maintain the aesthetics of the same, its interior is completely renovated, in addition to being equipped with modern decor and all the technology that a traditional hotel can have.


These boutiques make guests feel at home. This feeling is achieved by creating very cozy atmospheres in all areas of the boutique. Its decorative style, lighting and, above all, its size are more reminiscent of any of our homes than of a hotel.

The type of guests who come to these types of hotels are looking for exclusivity. An exclusivity that is achieved thanks to the location of the boutique, the atmosphere of the building and the exquisite interior decoration.

Although these boutiques are usually located in historic areas of many cities, some of them are also located in urban neighborhoods on the periphery, which means that many tourists also have the option of staying in different areas of the city, and not only in the city center.

What is the difference between a traditional hotel and a boutique?

The big difference between a boutique and a large hotel chain is that these boutiques offer greater privacy, as well as a much cozier atmosphere and a more personalized and exclusive service.


Although at first glance it may seem that the difference between these two types of accommodations is mainly in the size and aesthetics, it should be noted that the boutiques, despite the size, are usually very prepared to offer any service. Perhaps it is a question of size that allows them to offer a much more personalized and unique service than those offered by a large hotel chain.

However, it should be noted that most of these boutiques do not have amenities such as a swimming pool area, paddle or tennis court, Jacuzzi or gymnasium. Something that is present in many hotels.

What are the characteristics of a boutique hotel?


One of the characteristics that make a boutique stand out, as we have already mentioned, is its size. The space of these lodgings is usually very compact, with around 5 to 50 rooms and can accommodate a small number of guests. In this way, intimacy and privacy are more than assured.

Great personality

The design and decoration of each of these boutiques make them unique and give them a strong personality. Most of these accommodations focus their decoration on a specific theme, so it is very common to find all kinds of industrial furniture.
industrial furniture
vintage furniture
two of the most used collections in the decoration of boutiques.


As we have discussed in previous paragraphs As we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, these boutiques are located in central areas of many cities, although not long ago they have been are beginning to spread to the fashionable neighborhoods of each city.

With this expansion, we are able to expand our offer to a larger and more heterogeneous group of people.


While the style of a hotel is much more formal, these boutiques have a different style. An informal, young, fun and urban spirit, different from what we are used to seeing in large hotel chains.


The fact that many of these accommodations are located in older downtown buildings and, thanks to the preservation of a large number of decorative elements that existed in the previous building, a much more natural ambiance is achieved and absorbs absorbs much of the culture of the city.


Being a small lodging, its service is exclusive and highly personalized for all types of guests.


The clientele of the boutiques depends largely on the style of each boutique. In general, the clientele that usually stay in one of these hotels share a very particular style with the boutique and usually have a great affinity with the style reflected in the boutique.

And you, have you stayed in any of these accommodations? What has caught your attention the most with respect to the decoration or type of furniture?

Tell us about it in the comments! We read you.