Weddings: The latest trends

New couples are looking to achieve the highest level of personalization and detail to make their wedding an unforgettable occasion. And to meet the needs of these couples, a whole market has been created around the world of weddings. We give you an idea of the new trends in wedding decoration. The idea is to innovate, to do something completely different, and for this we give you the following keys:

  1. Outdoor weddings.

Every day more and more couples are looking for alternatives to the more traditional ceremonies, and choose to offer a more natural and charming ceremony. In a farmhouse, on the beach or in a garden? any place can be perfect to inspire you and create a beautiful setting that suits your tastes.

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  1. Eclectic furniture

It’s about taking a little bit from here and a little bit from there. The mix of elements works, that’s for sure. It can be a challenge to choose the right pieces for your wedding. In Duna palepodrás sun lounger you canfind a series of

collections of furniture ideal for outdoors

. We suggest you take a look at our Vintage collection
Vintage collection
collection, it will bring a modern touch to your environment.

Photo Carmen de los Mártires
Photograph Carmen de los Mártires
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  1. Soft colors

Mint green is the undisputed color of the season. A color that will bring softness and freshness to your wedding. Perfect to combine with other colors such as pastel pinks or corals in all their shades. And we can’t forget about white. Create your own color palette and apply it to all possible details such as invitations, table linens, and even the wedding cake.

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  1. Special details

Take advantage of any occasion to add a DIY touch to your wedding. It will give that special touch you are looking for. For this, the Internet becomes your great ally and you will find many ideas. All you have to do is gather your friends at home and enjoy an afternoon of crafts. Recycle glass jars and turn them into beautiful centerpieces using any element you can find in nature. You can also make your own stamp with your initials, or signs with recycled wood and pizzara paint.

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  1. Photocall

To ensure that the guests have a great time, it is essential to have a photocall. P

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  1. Lighting

The illumination should be soft, this does not mean in semi-darkness. We recommend lighting based on garlands, candles, bare bulbs, lanterns and cascades of light. All this combined in the right way will bring a magical aspect to the environment. The other big trend that you can’t miss at your wedding if you want to be trendy are giant illuminated letters. You can make them yourself or even rent them. They will be the key element of the space if the wedding is held at night.

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Photo via Pinterest

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