Trends in terrace decoration

Many locals have already inaugurated their summer terraces. Other businesses -as well as individuals- are immersed in their design or redesign in order to give them a new look or give them a new air, taking advantage of the summer season that is already here. For the latter we summarize some of the trends that follow this 2014 terrace decoration in general -and chill out and lounge terraces in particular. With this guide you will find it easy to design fashionable exteriors, but with your own style, since the search for spaces with character is a trend. In general terms, many of the trends that were already present last summer
trends that were already present last summer, albeit in a more accentuated
although in a more accentuated way. In addition, new developments have arisen, precisely because of this incessant search for personality that we were telling you about:


As in interior design, eclecticism is a trend in terrace decoration this 2014. Not only different materials and textures are combined, but also different styles are mixed to create exteriors with their own style. Chill out terraces with a rustic or bohemian air, Ibizan with a Moroccan touch, Mediterranean with a nor-etnic touch (Nordic and ethnic), vintage-inspired lounge, romantic or shabby chic… The possibilities for creating unique spaces are many. It is not advisable, however, to overdo it in order to avoid heavy or squeaky environments. Not every combination is successful or aesthetically pleasing. In any case, it is better to opt for the formula ‘less is more’, trying to achieve a cozy space that is not cold.

terrace decoration trends
Via Hendra Satriasaputra

Presence of history: vintage and retro pieces

This year, interior decoration is looking back, without forgetting its future prospects. Thus, spaces appear that combine contemporary and design elements with antiques, retro and vintage details or recovered classics. This trend, linked to the eclecticism we talked about before, is starting to be seen in the decoration of summer leisure terraces, although it is mainly present in private terraces, where the contrast with modern elements usually disappears.

terrace decoration trends
Vintage style terrace. Via Casa Web

Nature as part of the exterior

The natural evocation is still very present in the decoration of terraces, which use natural materials – rattan, wood, bamboo, etc. – to convey that sense of peace and balance associated with the earth and roots. With this same purpose, the trend is towards designs that are open to nature, making the views part of the terrace. At the same time, inspiration is sought in natural environments, so that the sea, the coast and the vegetation are present in the colors, shapes, etc. Plants and flowers play a very important role in this line.

terrace decoration trends
Via Adelto
terrace decoration trends
Via Look&Cushion


Recycling has been gaining weight in exterior design, becoming a trend that goes beyond a fad for its potential to give personality to a space, as we have already mentioned on occasion. Terraces not only do not escape this trend, but have become one of the spaces where DIY philosophy has gained more presence. The possibility of creating furniture, planters or window boxes by reusing materials, instead of throwing them away, has opened up a wide range of possibilities in the design of exteriors with character. Within this trend, pallet furniture
pallet furniture
They are not only frequently used to create chill out spaces, but are also recurrent when it comes to giving a rustic, industrial or vintage touch to exteriors.

pallet sofas fiaka ambient
Pallet sofas Fiaka Ambient.
fiaka ambient- pallet furniture
Pallet furniture Fiaka Ambient.

Chill out & lounge style

Chill out & lounge styles are a trend in terrace decoration. And not only for its beauty. Also for its design focused on the creation of cozy spaces that transmit peace, relaxation and balance. Comfort becomes, therefore, the axis of both aesthetics, with its own icon: the Balinese bed, of singular beauty and a unique exotic touch.

terrace decoration trends
Terrace lounge. Via Elephant Club
Balinese beds without canopy
Balinese beds without canopy. Via Formentera Break
circular Balinese beds
Circular Balinese beds.Via Wallpaper

It is not the only characteristic furniture of the chill out style, which usually uses puffs of different styles (rigid, soft, pear, giant…), cushions, pillows and furniture at floor level, such as
side tables

In the case of lounge terraces, the trend is for armchairs and sofas with this aesthetic and sophisticated
personalized and custom-made pieces.

Both in the decoration of chill out terraces and longe bars, backlit furniture is also in fashion.
backlit furniture
also very present in swimming pools.

terrace decoration trends
Via The Style Junkies

Trendy pairings: white and wood

The combination of wood and white continues to set the trend in terrace decoration, mainly in the chill out style, but also in Mediterranean, Ibiza and rustic terraces. This pairing is ideal for conveying peace and balance, but also for creating environments that are evocative of nature.

Within this trend, more and more often there is a tendency to add touches of color through details and accessories: cushions, sheers, lamps, light furniture, etc.

terrace decoration trends
Via Beyoung Hotel

Design classics

As in the previous year, design classics and stylish furniture such as BKF chairs and
BKF chairs
Acapulco chairs, Acapulco
or the various models of Balinese beds, of which we spoke previously, have become the hallmark of many terraces, thus underlining their character.

terrace decoration trends
Balinese canopy bed Fiaka Ambient.