The wonderful world of the Chester sofa

Not long ago we introduced you to our new signing, the Chester sofa, a piece that we really wanted to make here at Fiaka and that is about to come out -if youneed a budget, ask us without hesitation, we are eager to make more-. What was once a piece of high British alcurnias ended up becoming an icon of English furniture, and for some time now, a very fashionable type of sofa. The TV show is almost the least of it, we had been seeing a Chester sofa at a good price in many decoration shop windows and in trend magazines for a long time. In Fiaka we had worked this capitonné, although not so pronounced, in other furniture, such as the Bellagio room in Granada. Below we explain the possibilities to combine it.

The truth is that its appearance oozes comfort. And not because of its backrest and armrests, because the Chester sofa is by definition and origin a robust and upright piece. But its cushions and its bulky capitonné give it an air that already seems homey, safe and pleasant. In its most classic version, which is predominant in today’s vintage and retro interior design trends, it must be made of leather and in a dark and bright color. This is how it looks:

classic Chester sofa
Classic Chester sofa, via
Urban mix in De Andar por Casas.
Urban mix in De Andar por Casas.
Chester, in armchair mode. Via Icono Interiorismo.
Chester, in armchair mode. Via Icono Interiorismo.

From there we move on to a trend that seems to us to be a sea of possibilities, and which has a lot to do with the famous Cuatro program. As a puzzle or patchwork, but on the structure of the classic Chester sofa, you can make an armchair or a more fun Chester sofa.

chester sofa, patchwork, patches, patchwork
Patchwork Chester Sofa. Vïa Icono Interiorismo.
Color explosion! Via
Explosion of color! Via

This, of course, playing with materials other than leather. We can find a Chester sofa in velvet, eco-leather, fabric, etc. In all these cases we are looking at the possibility of playing with certain variables that are kept to make the piece recognizable. Highlights:

  • Low seat height.
  • Its straight and short backrest (at shoulder height)
  • Its capitonné and armrests in the shape of a scroll.

We believe that this last feature is one of the most defining characteristics of the Chester sofa, whether it is stitched, tacked, tacked or otherwise.

chester armrest


That armrest is one of the hallmarks of the Chester sofa, and in the version we have designed in Fiaka we have respected its shape, with small nuances of our own:

buy chester sofa
Detail of the chester sofa by Fiaka Ambient.

And from here, as in everything else, tradition can be blown up for the sake of innovation. There are many ideas for reinventing the Chester sofa, some more successful than others, but we are always willing to take a risk, so we love to see and receive striking ideas. Check it out!

Decoration: How to combine a chester sofa

When a piece of furniture becomes fashionable, it ends up becoming almost a must, and sometimes it doesn’t quite match… However, there are many possibilities to put a chester sofa, either in a house or in a public place. The most natural thing to do is to make it a vintage reference within a decoration of this style, even with aged leather. We do not recommend it especially for a project with a very purist Nordic air, although the one we have in our portfolio, in luminous white, could fit.

Of course, in a very British idea, a Chester sofa or armchair is a rose in a garden, something that should not be missing and that looks great. It goes well with baroque elements and with the most loaded decorations, in a very minimalist interior design it could stand out too much. An idea that may be risky but appeals to us is the combination of some of these icons, such as the BKF chair or the Eames, or the LC2.

In any case, Chester likes wood, natural and worn objects, maps and antique relics, discreet flowers and ornate frames, candles and trunks, antique lamps and, of course, a good tea set!