Original coffee and side tables

Although their choice is not always given the attention it should be, coffee tables and side tables can make a difference in the decoration of premises. Depending on the model, it is possible to give a very different look to the interior design of the pub, terrace, discotheque or bar in question. Hence the need to opt for models that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional when choosing tables for premises.

The style of the furniture should be in accordance with the design and size of the premises, but also with its practical use. It must be taken into account, in this line, if you are looking to create a chill out, vintage, rustic, modern, eclectic atmosphere… but also if the tables will be used for drinks and snacks or rather for dishes and tapas. If space is XS, it is advisable to make the most of it with multifunctional models.

pallet table
Pallet table. Via Decoracion Facilisimo

Tables also help to separate different environments in the same room. Thus, you can opt for low tables for the drinks area and high tables for the tapas area, for example.

On the other hand, it is not superfluous for the tables to speak of the premises in question, either with
personalized models
with your logo and corporate colors or with a custom design. In Fiaka Ambient we are specialized in both services. In the case of unpublished models, our clients usually show us furniture or sketches from which they wish to inspire the future piece or simply the concept they wish to convey with the design of the furniture.

personalized coffee table
Custom furniture by Fiaka Ambient for Coca Cola.

Although to a lesser extent, also in home decoration the design of coffee tables and side tables can make a difference both in the living room and in those charming corners that ‘dot’ the design of interiors and exteriors making it unique.

We show you some models for an original decoration, both in premises of different styles and at home:

Recycled tables

There are numerous materials for designing recycled tables. From old tires to wooden crates. Among the numerous DIY models, the following stand out
pallet tables
The versatility of this material when it comes to making different models.

pallet tables
Pallet tables and sofas by Fiaka Ambient.
used tire table
Table with old tires. Via Craft Help
recycled table
Coffee table made with a radiator. Via Mi Casa

Wooden tables

wooden tables
with finishes for outdoors and indoors, are not only ideal for rustic, vintage or eclectic designs. Also for the renewed classic style.

wooden table
Low table by Fiaka Ambient.

Upholstered tables

Whether round or square, poly-leather upholstered tables for indoors or outdoors are an excellent choice for elegant designs with a modern and chic touch.

side table
Via Apartmenttherapy
side tables
Via Delikatissen

Bar tables

High, low, round, square, lacquered… there are many models of tables to give style to a bar decoration.
to give style to the decoration of a bar.

bar tables
Lacquered set of table and chairs in black and white.

Phenolic tables

As a material, phenolic is characterized by its strength. This makes it ideal for outdoor areas such as terraces and summer discos. For its aesthetics, the
phenolic tables
are usually used in chill out, lounge, minimalist and Nordic style spaces, mainly.

Tables to maximize space

Quatro tables
tables, so named because they ‘keep’ four poufs inside, stand out for their ambivalence when it comes to making the most of small spaces. This model is also available in phenolic.

table four
Quatro tables customized by Fiaka for Freixenet.


puff chests
The puff chests, the trunks in general and even some old suitcases, for their interior storage possibilities, also become an original proposal to optimize small spaces both at home and in places that stand out for their creativity.

coffee table
Old suitcases turned into a coffee table. Via Help decorating