Make the most of your terrace or balcony this winter

With just over a week having passed since the application of the state of alarm by the Spanish Government and with great uncertainty about what may happen in the coming months, it is possible that doubts about another possible confinement are beginning to surface in your head. For the time being, many autonomous communities have opted for a perimeter containment, which allows citizens to move within their city or municipality, but prohibits them from leaving it for non-essential reasons. With a pretty dark outlook on the social activity we will be able to engage in this Christmas, it is quite possible that we are going to have to spend more time at home than we are normally used to.

During the month of March, immersed in general confinement and without the possibility of being able to go anywhere, many people decided that it was time to tune up their terrace to enjoy it more than ever. The truth is that, the almost four months that we were confined from March to June, are a magnificent time in many parts of the country to enjoy balconies, terraces or patios. Any outdoor area is good for us to have a good time with our family and friends. For this reason, many people have opted to decorate their terraces with their terraces during these spring months to be able to enjoy it.

With the return of confinement, for the moment, less restrictive than the previous one, many people are wondering:
Can I use the terrace in winter?

Ideas to make the most of your terrace in winter

In many occasions we tend to waste them in winter because of the cold and we are not wrong to do so, since winter makes the outdoor stay less attractive. But the reality is that all is not lost and you can still use it at certain times of the day if you adapt it to these rather less warm times.


If we have a terrace at home, the ideal is to adapt it for use in any season.

Closing the terrace in winter

Closing a terrace or balcony does not mean that you have to give up fresh air or sunshine. There are different options that allow you to take advantage of your terrace in both winter and summer. A properly insulated terrace will allow you to place tables y


to convert it into a dining room or




to turn it into a space to relax with the family.


One of these options is to choose to install folding windows that you can open during the hottest periods, such as summer, and close when the cold weather sets in. In this way, you will have a terrace that can be used for both seasons of the year, even to organize Christmas dinners without being cold.

Outdoor fireplaces

With the windows closed and a good stove you can achieve a super warm atmosphere to spend much of the winter on the terrace without getting cold.

To use one of these stoves you will need an outdoor socket or an extension cord that allows you to connect them to the inside of the house and take the cable outside. If you already have a power outlet, congratulations!


Depending on the space you need to heat, you will need one or another type of stove, so measure your terrace well and buy the one that best fits the measurements of the same.

Another point to take into account is the use you can give to the terrace and how fast you need it to heat up. If you only use the terrace on occasional occasions, you will need it to heat the room quickly during the time you are going to spend there. However, if you are one of those people who will be telecommuting for a while and you have set up your office on your glassed-in terrace, you will need a system that stays on for a good part of the day, even if it takes longer to heat the room.

Enlighten me

Good lighting is key to be comfortable in any space, and in a terrace or balcony it will not be less. You will spend time with your family, you will organize dinners, you will work, and it is even possible that this year’s Christmas dinner will be held there, so you will have to make it as pleasant and welcoming as possible.


Keep in mind that excessive lighting can be annoying, very unwelcoming and can break the magic of the night. Find a balance that allows you to have areas that are brighter than others.

Wall lights with quality light bulbs are ideal for outdoors. Warm light is ideal for outdoors because of the atmosphere they generate. For special occasions, you can choose to place candles that further enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort. comfort.

These are some of our ideas to make the most of your terrace in winter. We still do not know how this new perimeter confinement will be in different autonomous communities, but it seems that it may be similar to the previous one and we may have to spend time at home. If so, don’t let it catch you unawares and adapt your terrace as soon as possible.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any ideas that can make your terrace even more cozy in winter? Write it in the comments.