Ideas to make use of empty rooms

There are times when some rooms in our house can become empty. Either because we have decided to buy a house with additional rooms and we end up leaving some empty or because one of your children has decided that it is time to become independent.

On those occasions, some families choose to leave their child’s room as it is. However, others decide it’s time to put it to a different use than it used to have.

If you opt for the second option, you will have a free room at home that you can turn into a space to create an office, play sports, turn it into a guest room, turn it into a playroom, etc…

Today we show you some ideas for those spare rooms you may have at home. Take note and get some ideas. Let’s get started!

Usage ideas for empty rooms

Guest room

A guest room is the most obvious and useful option for an empty bedroom. Unlike your children’s room, which is usually decorated with pictures of friends, posters, mementos or trophies, the guest bedroom needs to be a quiet, cozy space where anyone can feel at home, including your children when they return for a visit.

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If you have more than one empty room, choose the one farthest away from the master bedroom for guests to stay in to maintain some privacy.

Home Office

Having a home office is no longer even a luxury. For many people, it has become a necessity, as more and more people have the opportunity to telecommute.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have found that productivity does not decrease when they lose sight of their employees.

Having a home office gives you the possibility of having a fixed place for your work tools and not having to put everything every morning on the dining room table.
dining room table every morning.
. Productivity and motivation increase when you have a place of your own where you can close the door and concentrate.

Gymnasium room

Creating a home gym room is as simple as buying an exercise bike, treadmill or weight set and hanging some mirrors and a TV. You can also choose to place a comfortable surface for greater comfort and countless things to make it much more professional. That’s up to you.

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The convenience of having a home gym can take the laziness out of exercising. It’s hard to think of excuses not to work out when the treadmill is just down the hall.

Dressing room

If you’ve lived with small closets for a while, a walk-in closet is an excellent use of a spare room. Whether it’s shared or for one person, the luxury of having the space to spread out when you get dressed, the ability to see everything you own instead of burying things in drawers never to be seen again can be a great way to use empty space in your home.

Ideas to make use of empty rooms
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In most cases, these dressing rooms are made to measure.
to fit the room perfectly and to take advantage of all the space in the room. Be sure to get good lighting and set up some chair and a side table to place your jewelry, shoes and so on.

Do-it-yourself and handicraft room

Dedicating attention to what you enjoy and find fulfilling can turn a part-time hobby into a full-time business. Many craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers sell their creations through the Internet on DIY platforms.

So organizing a craft room may not be a bad idea if you have a spare room at home.

Gaming Room

The concept of the gamer room has become fashionable over the last few years with the emergence of Youtube or Twitch.

These two platforms have revolutionized the video game market and allow many people to dedicate part of their free time to record or play video games online and share them with their community of followers.

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Video games are the main theme of platforms like Twitch, but it is not the only one. On it you can find streamers who are dedicated to teaching guitar playing, talking about sports, preparing recipes, etc.

So if you have any hobby that you can share with someone and shyness is not part of your way of being you can decorate your spare room at home and make videos or live performances of any kind of theme.