Hostel Pro Magazine – Nº44 October 2021

At Fiaka Ambient, we are proud to announce that our brand was featured in the prestigious HostelPro magazine in 2021, a significant achievement that reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in the design and manufacture of hospitality and hotel furniture.

This recognition in HostelPro, a leading publication in the hospitality industry, not only validates our hard work and dedication, but also highlights our ability to stay ahead in a competitive market. At Fiaka Ambient, we firmly believe in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and comfortable, a philosophy that was clearly reflected in our appearance in this magazine.

The publication in HostelPro placed us alongside other relevant brands in the sector, establishing Fiaka Ambient as a benchmark in the field of interior design and furniture for hotel and hospitality businesses. This appearance is a testimony to our constant search for innovation and quality, aspects that have allowed us to create lasting relationships with our customers and collaborators.

Hostel Pro Magazine - Nº44 October 2021

In the article, HostelPro highlighted several of our most successful collections and how they blend seamlessly into a variety of environments, from boutique hotels to large hotel chains. Emphasis was placed on our personalized approach, where each project is treated with meticulous attention to detail, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The appearance in HostelPro is not only a milestone for Fiaka Ambient but also a source of inspiration to continue to innovate and exceed our customers’ expectations. We are committed to continue being pioneers in the design and manufacture of furniture, always maintaining a balance between functionality, comfort and style.

We thank HostelPro for recognizing our work and our clients and collaborators for their continued support. This press appearance is not only an achievement for Fiaka Ambient, but a symbol of our passion for design and our commitment to excellence.