Gyms with relaxation area

Our days are increasingly frenetic. Economic pressures, work overload, taking care of children… this can create a high level of stress, and more and more of us are deciding to combat it and relax with sport.


Gyms are aware of this, and many are beginning to focus their premises on this function, and are concerned about relaxation areas. A few sofas and poufs can provide the necessary touch to create these relaxation areas; the

rainbow sofa

sofa, the
nantes sofa
sofa and the

rigid cubes

are perfect for this task, being also perfectly customizable.
Fiaka- Proposal Box Ragnarok


More and more customers are coming to Duna Paley loungerto ask us for this type of personalized furniture designed to relax after a long day of sport. Many others decide to go even further and turn this area into a cafeteria where they can have a drink after training.

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