Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends

Outdoor areas, such as gardens, terraces or balconies, are no different and we can make the most of them by applying the fundamental rules of interior decoration: taking care of every detail, less is more, harmony in shapes, tones and composition and, above all, never forgetting that the most important thing is comfort and functionality.

Terrace and Garden Chairs Ideas

When the good weather approaches, adapting a small outdoor dining area will give us a lot of play. It is the ideal place to have breakfast outdoors, coffee or family meals.

When it comes to decorating the garden dining area, the chairs we choose will be the main protagonists.

In addition to the design adapting to the decorative style we seek to recreate, the garden chairs must have certain characteristics, among them, the most important is comfort.

We can never forget that its main function is to serve as a seat, even for several hours, so comfort is essential.

A chair with an incredible design will be useless if we do not feel comfortable and relaxed when we sit down.

Another feature to take into account is that it must be prepared to withstand the elements. It is a piece that will be subjected to heat, humidity, wind, dust… so the quality of the materials is essential. If we want the piece to last several summers in perfect conditions.

Today’s article is dedicated to chairs and stools for outdoor areas, in which we are going to show you some of the most innovative pieces of our catalog.

Some of the pieces follow the decorative trend of this 2019, others instead are timeless and very versatile to suit any decorative style.

As always, we encourage you to create your own, unique environments with personality, always applying your own taste and creativity.

Garden Chairs Bohemian Style – Natural

The big trend this spring/summer is seating made of natural fiberssuch as bamboo, rattan or hemp. Not only can they be found in the decoration of terraces and gardens, but they are also being included in indoor areas, especially in kitchens and dining rooms.

These chairs add a natural and exotic touch to the environment, making it very cozy.

These pieces are very versatile because with a little imagination they can fit into any decorative style, making it easy to incorporate them into our terraces and gardens so that they harmonize with the rest of the decoration.

Within this line, this year we have added 3 incredible pieces to our catalog, such as the Habana, Saona and Riviera chairs.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Fiaka Wicker / Rattan Garden Chairs

You can combine them with each other and play with the shapes, although we can also combine them with other wooden or even metallic chairs.

Parisian Garden Chairs

Parisian style when it comes to decorating terraces and gardens is very trendy for decorating balconies and terraces this 2019. It is inspired by the typical Parisian cafés of the 1920s.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Typical Café de Paris Chairs in the 1920s

At Fiaka, we wanted to incorporate this trend in our catalog by including our Parisian chairs.

These chairs are made of aluminum imitating bamboo and wicker, which makes it an ideal piece both outdoors and indoors. The seat and backrest are made of synthetic fabric imitating rattan with predominant colors such as black, white, red and blue.

Originally the Parisian chairs for terraces and gardens are made of wicker, but it is a rather delicate material that does not withstand the weather very well. For this reason, we have chosen to make the chairs in aluminum imitating this wood, giving incredible results.

Here you have our chairs Marseille, Bordeaux, Versailles, Verona or the Lyon Stool.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Fiaka Parisian Outdoor Chairs

Parisian chairs and stools are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and character to terrace areas.

Vintange Garden Chairs – Classics

Retro style is still trending this spring/summer 2019. Within this style, we have incorporated our
Oporto armchair.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Retro Style Garden Chair by Fiaka

This piece is minimalist in style. It is ideal for creating a relaxation area with a vintage touch, although its neutral lines make it combine with a multitude of decorative styles such as Nordic, contemporary, etc.

It is an armchair with a very soft curved backrest that envelops the entire lower back. It has a structure formed by high density foam rubber padding, which makes the seat really comfortable, perfect for several hours sitting without any problem.

Contemporary Garden Chairs

Contemporary style is quite complicated to define, but if we have to use two words to define it, they would be elegant and simple.

Within the contemporary style there are no rules, the possibilities are endless, because within it, we can include pieces of furniture from different eras, styles and colors that mixed together give rise to a surprising, original space and above all with its own character.

The Lecco and Turin chairs or the
Dallas Stool
from our catalog, are two neutral, versatile and minimalist pieces that fit perfectly with the contemporary style.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Contemporary Garden Chairs by Fiaka


Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Contemporary Outdoor Stool

However, because of their design and the materials they are made of, they could fit perfectly in an industrial or retro style.


Industrial Garden Stools

The industrial style can also be found on terraces and gardens and this spring/summer 2019 continues to be a trend. It is a timeless decoration and, despite the passing of time, this style never goes out of fashion.

A key and functional piece to give your outdoor dining room a factory touch is the classic stool that mixes wood and iron.

In Fiaka we have incorporated a wide range of stools for terrace dining rooms of different sizes (high and low stools), shape (with square or round seat) and finishes (natural or aged wood). The Boton XX, Dallas XX or Chicago XX stools are a clear representation of this style.

Garden Chairs & Stools: 2019 Spring/Summer Trends
Outdoor Industrial Stools by Fiaka

We hope you liked our chairs and stools for terraces 2019 .

The most important thing is to always create your own personal style, so mixing styles, colors, materials and textures in the right way will create that dream space.